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I can't stop thinking about my girlfriend?

Okay so we both love each other very much, but I can't get my mind to concentrate on anything else, I'm scared because school just started back and I feel like I'm not going to be able to concentrate on my classes!! What should I do???


I don't want to break up with her because there's no reason to and even the thought of it hurts me worse. and I'm 15

Update 2:

We hung out with friends yesterday and we were really close and that just made me think about her more so maybe I need to talk to her about how I feel and get some words out because we don't see each other that often but we message each other all the time.

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    If you're worried about focus in school, then you'll do ok in school because you care about passing. Just make it clear and stay firm that you need time to study and do assignments. Occasionally (not frequently) maybe try to study with her and see how you do. If she loves you she'll encourage you doing well in school.

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    That's a tough one. You have free will though. If you really care about your classes, you will study. Just think of it as if you don't do well in school, you won't get that dream job, and your girl will leave you for the guy who did well in school! Whatever helps lol. Don't break up with her. You'd regret it and lose even more focus. Just keep yourself busy when you're not with her. Do extra homework.

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    thats actually cute XD!!! Thinking about ur girlfriend all the time, couples like that will be together<3~ but if u wanna concentrate on class, maybe try writing notes what hes saying instead of lookin at him?

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    Trust me you need to focus on school. Girls are going to come and go I know you love her, and she loves you but she's probably not letting it distract her school work. Don't be the one who loves more. First school then Girlfriend. She will understand and you will feel better about getting your stuff done.

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    You like 15? It will pass.

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    Just find a way to balance between her and your school cant let her interfere with your studies.

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    just pretend like if you dont foucus on ur schol work she'll dump u

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