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Who are the top 5 WRs in Fantasy (PPR)?

I have the 12th pick in a PPR league, and I'm thinking about taking two WRs right off the bat. Who would you say are the top 5 WRs for PPR? Thanks so much, good luck this year!

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    1. Andre Johnson (explained by others)

    2. Reggie Wayne (explained by others)

    3. Larry Fitzgerald He is a freak and Leinert is going to rely on him all year long.

    4. Calvin Johnson. I am looking at him to finally have his break out season as the best WR in the league. This guys is the most physically talented WR in the league and he now has a healthy QB that has a rocket arm with a year under his belt. a little riskier than the guys above but really could pay off.

    5. Randy Moss (explained by others)

    6. Roddy White (explained by others)

    For those questioning him taking 2 WR's. I have seen multiple articles say it is best to take 2 wr's at his spot in the draft. getting a top 5 wr will pay off better than having a #11 or #12 RB especially in a ppr league.

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    I'd never take 2 WRs first. There are loads of RBs who benefit by PPR scoring.

    But my rankings are slightly different where Reggie Wayne is concerned. If you check his stats from last season, the second half was nowhere near as productive as the first. And this is because of the emergence of the young WRs, especially Garcon. Now Collie is back and looking great! Also, an amazing stat: Dallas Clark and Reggie had identical records last season - 10 TDs and 100 receptions.

    The only reason he's on my list is there are so many iffy QB/WR combos this year, but normally this would be a dealbreaker in a PPR league. There's too much competition for receptions.

    Anyway, mine are:





    White and Wayne. They're kind of a tie.

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    . Andre Johnson HOU (7) – Johnson has averaged 108 catches and over 1550 yards in the last two seasons. There is no reason to think that his numbers will slide this year. He is simply the most consistent and trusted target in Fantasy as far as Wide receivers go.

    2. Randy Moss NEP (5) – A couple of factors place Moss so highly in the rankings. Firstly, he has a healthy quarterback this season and secondly he is in a contract year – looking forward a huge payday and the only way to get that is to be off the hook this year.

    3. Reggie Wayne IND (7) – Wayne has averaged over 1300 yards and 9 touchdowns in his last four years, even with an injury riddled 2008. He appears to be money in the bank and is no risk to have less than 95 catches, 1250 yards and 10 touchdowns.

    4. Miles Austin DAL (4) – Austin quickly emerged last season and is now the favorite target of a Top 5 quarterback. Dez White will take some pressure off and will create more room for Austin who should have another Pro bowl year.

    5. Roddy White ATL (8) – With Matt Ryan maturing every year, White’s numbers should improve. White is a legitimate stud and is a big, dependable target. Atlanta has a bit easier schedule this season, so look for close to 100 catches 1200-1300 yards and 10 or so touchdowns.

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    Wendy- he has 12th pick, which im assuming is last in your league. I would rather have a top 3 wideout than a No. 10-12 RB.

    Anyway here is my top 5 WRs for PPR

    1. Andre Johnson- 101 receptions last year, not to mention the tons of yards you will get form this passing offense

    2. Reggie Wayne- 100 receptions, 1,200 yards, Peyton's No. 1 target, whats not to love?

    3. Brandon Marshall- 101 receptions and 1,100 with orten, will do better with Henne.

    4. Randy Moss- will get more looks without Welker for most of season, 83 repeptions, 1,200 yards

    5. Steve Smith (Car)- 107 recpetions, 2nd in league, and 1200 yards, and that was with delhomme.

    Other worthy pickups are Fitz, Boldin, Ward and White. Welker is good for a later round, and Edelman is a good sleeper

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  • wall11
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    even though your league is PPR i strongly reccomend to not take 2 Wrs in the first 2 round

    top 5 wrs in ppr would be andre johnson, reggie wayne, welker, jennings, and miles austin

    welker is of course a risk with his leg but he seems to be recovering great and i would not be suprised to see him starting for the pats in game 1. andre and reggie both caught 100+ passes last season and are both expected to this season. jennings only caught around 80 balls last season but he is now the clear cut #1 in GB and aaron rodgers is expected to be the best QB in fantasy. miles austin had 81 catches last season but didnt get a start until week 9 after the chiefs game. this translates to 162 catches for a season but that wont happen lol. i can however easily see him get 100 this season

    good luck this season !

  • Wendy
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    I don't understand your decision to draft your WRs first, but here you go:

    1. Andre Johnson (2009: 1569 Receiving Yards, 9 TDs)

    2. Reggie Wayne (2009: 1264 Receiving Yards, 10 TDs)

    3. Roddy White (2009: 1153 Receiving Yards, 11 TDs)

    4. Randy Moss (2009: 1264 Receiving Yards, 13 TDs)

    5. DeSean Jackson (2009: 1156 Receiving Yards, 9 TDs)

    Good Luck, hope this helps!

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