my ex brought my motorbike round today we finished weeks ago i was very upset?

and he looked at me with disdain as though i was a low life, he is the one who flirts all the time and i think he went off with someone else, but he got me low in mood, what do you do when someone is like this

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He looks at you with disdain because he can no longer control you and force you to accept him on his terms. When someone is unhappy with you, let them be miserable just as long as they want to. It is their choice. But, you don't have to take on their misery and emotional imbalance. Just stand strong in who you are and how you feel. Allow them to be responsible for their own feelings.

  • 1 decade ago

    if you want to still be his "ex" do nothing. if you want to be friends, go round confidentally and act like you would with a normal friend, no matter how he looks at you, if he asks why your being like this, say it's because you still want to be friends. If he kicks you out/shuts the door, there probably isn't much you could do, just don't act like a love-sick puppy. Similarly with wanting to be a couple again... no love-sick begging, harassing or stalking. Go round to his confidently and try to talk it out... see what happens. Hope you feel better soon, Best of luck!


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