poll: put your i pod on shuffle......?

add in my pants to the first 15 songs

1: london bridge in my pants- fergie

2: pedestal in my pants- fergie

3: fallin' up in my pants- BEP

4: they don't want music in my pants- BEP

5: out of my head in my pants: BEP

6: bulletproof in my pants- la roux

7: fly girl in my pants: will.i.am

8: latin girls in my pants: BEP

9: so what in my pants: p!nk

10: spaceship in my pants: Benny Benassi

11: ridin' solo in my pants- jason derulo

12: ring-a-ling in my pants: BEP

13: i got it from my mama in my pants- will.i.am

14: OMG in my pants: usher

15: get your money in my pants- will.i.am

most made no sense but some are funny.

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    1 decade ago
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    Red red wine make me feel so fine

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    1 decade ago


    1. Toxicity in my pants

    2. Down In A Hole in my pants

    3. Gangsta's Paradise in my pants

    4. Alphabet St. in my pants

    5. Castles Made Of Sand in my pants

    6. Across The Universe in my pants

    Sweet Dreams Are (Made Of This) in my pants

    7. My Need in my pants

    8. Straight Up in my pants

    9. Nutshell in my pants

    10. Smooth Criminal in my pants

    11. Golden Lady in my pants

    12. Reunited in my pants

    13. Feels So Right in my pants

    14. Green Eyes in my pants

    15. The Body That Loves You in my pants

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    1 decade ago

    1. Just the way your are in my pants-Bruno Mars

    2. Teenage Dream in my pants-Katy Perry

    3. Never Let You Go in my pants-Justin Bieber

    4. Jai Ho! in my pants-A.R. Rahman and Pussycat Dolls

    5. Alejandro in my pants-Lady Gaga

    6. Put it in a Love Song in my pants-Beyonce & Alicia Keys

    7. Diamonds from Sierra Leone in my pants- Kanye West

    8. Unthinkable in my pants-Alicia Keys

    9. Club Can't Handle Me Right Now in my pants-Flo Rida

    10. Jump in my pants-Glee Cast

    11. Electric Feel in my pants-MGMT

    12. Shark in the Water in my pants-VV Brown

    13. Your Love in my pants-Nicki Minaj

    14. Let it Out in my pants-Straffadu

    15. Don't Lie in my pants-BEP

    Hahaha, some of these are really funny! :)

  • 1:hot n cold in my pants - katy perry

    2:what hurts the most in my pants - cascada

    3:move shake drop in my pants - dj laz

    4:tocas miracle in my pants - fragma

    5:return the favour in my pants - keri hilson

    6:say that you love me in my pants - the cardigans

    7:lie about us in my pants - avant

    8:my immortal in my pants - evanescence

    9:him in my pants - lilly allen

    10:the kill in my pants - 30 seconds to mars

    11:what is love in my pants - haddaway

    12: from yesterday in my pants - 30 seconds to mars

    13:for a pessimistic im pretty optimistic in my pants - paramore

    14: boys with girlfriends in my pants - meiko

    15: my humps in my pants - bep

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pass out in my pants.

    I gotta feeling in my pants

    Rock me senseless in my pants

    My man in my pants

    Turn it up in my pants

    Ego in my pants

    P.I.M.P in my pants

    Bottle pop in my pants

    Love the way you lie in my pants

    Don't trust me in my pants

    Battle cry in my pants

    S.O.S in my pants

    Super ***** in my pants

    Boys and girls in my pants

  • 1 decade ago

    ive got a feeling in my pants... ha

  • 1 decade ago

    1. across the universe in my pants- the beatles

    2. dental care in my pants- owl city

    3. the technicolor phase in my pants- owl city

    4. blah blah blah in my pants- ke$ha feat. 3OH!3

    5. boston in my pants- augustana

    6. check yes juliet in my pants- we the kings

    7. let it rock in my pants- kevin rudolf feat. lil wayne LMAO

    8. one step beyond in my pants- some dude named karsh kale

    9. hey in my pants- lil john and 3OH!3

    10. Waking up in vegas in my pants- katy perry

    11. somebody to love in my pants- justin bieber LMAO

    12. i gotta feeling in my pants- black eyed peas ANOTHER LMAO

    13. come together in my pants- the beatles OMG! :DDD

    14. strawberry fields forever in my pants- the beatles

    15. pon de replay in my pants- rihanna

    Source(s): i loved doing this
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol. #14.

    1* over & over in my pants. - seether.

    2* i'll give all my love in my pants. - keith sweat.

    3* drop in my pants. - timbaland.

    4* fu<k you like an animal in my pants. - NIN.

    5* sin in my pants. - NIN.

    6* hold up in my pants. - murphy lee.

    7* promiscuous in my pants. - nelly furtado.

    8* booty meat in my pants. - soulja boy.

    9* she got it in my pants. - t-pain ft. 2 pistols.

    10* spit you out in my pants. - bullet for my valentine.

    11* sexy love in my pants. - ne-yo.

    12* harder to breathe in my pants. - maroon 5.

    13* candyman in my pants. - christina aguilera.

    14* mercy in my pants. - duffy.

    15* leave in my pants. - jojo.

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    i don't get it...........your stupid

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