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What color is my friend's mare?

Until recently I thought she (Josie) was regular a red roan (strawberry roan), but I realized with her flaxen mane and nearly-flaxen tail, she's probably got a silver gene in her? I know if she were a bay, she'd be a silver bay roan... but is there such a thing as a silver chestnut roan? What is the technical term for chestnut roan with a flaxen mane and tail?

The reason I am asking is because I was playing with the equine coat calculator. She's been bred to a bay roan and I am curious what the possibilities are. My friend breeds for working/cutting ability and confirmation and until recently didn't pay much attention to coat color. However, she bred what she thought was her palomino to a chestnut and ended up with a beautiful red roan her paperwork was kicked back as an impossibility (you only get a palomino or a chestnut from that pairing). It turns out that the mare was actually a dunalino roan and she had to do genetic testing to prove the mare was the mother before she could register the colt. If she needs to change Josie's paperwork, I bet she'd appreciate the head's up.


Yes, a picture would help, but I don't have one at the moment. If I did, I would have just attached it and said, "What color horse is this?" without all those extra words :P

If it helps, her color is very similar to this stallion:

Only with a solid sorrel base (no dark points) instead of bay.

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    The website says that stallion is a Rare Red Chocolate Roan, the horse is probably a red roan then.

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    A picture would help..since i don't have X-Ray vision.

    She looks like abit of a Bay/Red Roan ;)

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    I'd say she is still a red roan horse with just a unique mane. Check her pedigree.

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    She looks like a red roan.

    Pretty horse!

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    A picture would help.

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    a picher would be nice

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