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how long does rhodiola take to work for anxiety?

I'm currently take 400mg per day, every morning. They contain 3% Rosavins. I've been taking them for 4 days now, but just wanted to know how long they take to start helping my mild anxiety? I'm going through a stressful time at the moment moving house, so am taking them to help with that. I tried 5HTP but suffered with Insomnia, so had to stop.

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    Like many other herbal products, Rhodiola and its effect is entirely personal. One person can take 400 mg every day for 60 days and it is on the 61st day that they wake up and have this incredible "WOW" feeling when they suddenly realize that the reason they've been doing so great lately on their work, or their lovemaking, their golf game, or their diet, etc, is that the Rhodiola has been working. Another person can take it and in two or three weeks get the impression that it is there working, behind the scenes. But you are unlikely to notice its effect in just a few days. And it is very brand-dependent. Almost all of the "cheap" Rhodiola products have a limited effect. You have to spend $18-30 a bottle on some good Siberian extract before you'd start to get an effect from Rhodiola.

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    I have no problems whatsoever with Rhodiola, but Ginseng gives me very bad palpitations. All you can do is try them. The palpitations aren't dangerous and if you feel uncomfortable you just stop taking whatever is causing them. I'm very prone to palps, but I've managed fine with the Rhodiola. I'm not aware of the Rhodiola causing any withdrawal symptoms - sometimes I forget to take mine and I feel okay - just a bit more tired if I forget for a couple of days or more.

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