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What can i do to stop my pet rat from trying to get away when i hold her or pick her up.?

Anytime i try to take he rout the cage she wont let me pick her up. and when i finally do get her out i hold her against me with a blanket and she wont stay still she goes crazy trying to get away. what can i do? im afraid she might jump off of me and run somewhere in the house :(.

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    you should let her be used to your hands, maybe hand feed her if possible or play with her when ever you are free so that she is familiar with you.

    But it might take weeks or months.

    If she doesnt like people to hold her so you have to admit is pointless training her to keep still.

    Try to barrier your surrounding before bring her out of the cage. Cos rats run very fast and they have high possibility to damage your stuff or electrical wiring.

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    Try to find a reputable breeder in your area, someone who knows rats well and handles the babies as much as possible. Also, get a young rat. I've always had an easy time introducing young 'uns to an older female. Remember that there will always be squabbles for dominance, but as long as they don't draw blood, there's nothing to worry about. If you have to get rats from a pet store, make sure you're able to handle the rats. You'll be able to tell which will make the best pets - I've found a few who were so mellow and affectionate, it was screamingly obvious they'd be perfect. Harrietta sounds like a great rat. The rats you got from the pet store sound like exceptionally mean rats - the few biters I've seen have come from troubled backgrounds.

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    The thing that always helped with my mice was peanut butter (: they LOVE it! Just put a small bit on your finger and stick it in the cage and she should come to you. As for the crazy energetic behavior, has she got a running wheel? She needs toys or maybe another rat to chase and play with so she doesnt act so crazy all the time.


    Source(s): I had three mice :)
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    Female rats are playful and love to have fun. All rats are different and it doesn't matter on the type of rat. My past rat Skittles was an albino rat and she would always want to jump around and play with everything. Since you're a girl you probably wouldn't want a rat to crawl around in your shirt but a lot of rats like doing that. I did that with mine and she got used to me so sometimes she would just even sit on my shoulder. If you want her to get used to skin contact let her crawl around and stuff.

    Source(s): I've had 2 rats, 1 boy, and 1 girl different time periods.
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    Female rats are generally very hyper and jumpy.

    You're going to have a very hard time with that. you can't really hold or cuddle with a female because she's too busy being hyper!!

    Just spend more time with her, and they're not stupid, so they won't jump. use your hands!!! don't be scared! She'll never grow to like you if she can't smell your hands

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