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i have a sex question...?

i had sex last night. we ****** for like an hour and a half but it got to hot because we were in the back of the car. and im pretty sure he didnt come.because i told him to stop cus i had to be home and it was hot. was there a possibility he could of and i could be oregnant?


and he didn't go limp he stayed hard the whole time.

& ********* you don't know me enough to call me a slut ;)

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    If he continued to just thrust while he came u prob wouldn't tell the pressure of the fluid against you but after a guy comes he goes limp a bit after that. So as long as he stayed hard for awhile after you stopped you should be fine unless he got Procom in you which has the possibility but less of a chance of getting you pregnant.

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    Probably a good chance he did but didnt realize it, I know no men who can last an hour of sex without cumming

    Oh nevermind if he stayed hard then the only chance would be pre-***, I'd still do a pregnancy test though to make sure. There is a chance but its small

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    a 14 year old having sex in the back of a car that shes not even old enough to drive.. thats classy. but yea precum can get you pregnant so there is a small chance.

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    If you don't have period for a couple of months then you diffidently PREGNANT

    Why don't kids these days wear condoms?

    Anyway, get a pregnancy test (:

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  • Tulip
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    The proper term here is could HAVE not could OF and you should have thought of this sooner.

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    Sex at fourteen ? You can't even type.

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    Yes, preejaculate can get you pregnant.

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