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how can i lose my inner fat on my thighs?

im a 15 yearl old girl going to be 16 ina couple months nd i was just wondering if there is any way possible for me to lose my inner thihgs i mean i have the kind of parents tht are really overprotective nd wont let me go places so is there any type of thing i can do at home to actually lose it plzzz help

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    Run, run, and run some more!! Run around your neighborhood and do lower body pilates! Both work, but they do take time, and it will take you time to get used to running a good distance if you're not a runner already. It's absolutely possible, but you have to be determined. You're 2 years away from 18, so be strong and talk with your parents about why it matters to you, and see if you can work something out. Even if your starting time is only 5 minutes of jogging, you will be able to increase your time and endurance with regular workouts. Listen to music and make it fun! Also, track what you're eating. I recommend www.thedailyplate.com, it is amazing. It will tell you how many calories to eat if you are looking to lose weight. Stay within those calories and start the jogging, and see what happens. :)

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    When you are cleaning your teeth,hold the basin with your free hand and do squats until you are finished.This will remind you to do it every day.Trust me.....it works

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