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Does this sound like lupus or am i tripping?

Ok im 17 yrs old and im a african american female, no one in my family has had lupus, i have these dull aches thats last for 2 seconds in my knee and sometimes my wrist, I would notice them if i wasant obsessing over this. It i very mild and dosent happen often. I have been tested for anemia and I dont have anemia, I dont have fatigue, I dont have headaches, I had knee pains a month ago when I start reading the symptoms, never before have i had the symptoms until I start reading them (im a hypochondriac) and as soon as i started band camp i stop thinking about my knee and the symptoms went away. Can you develop a knee ache if your a hypochondriac and your constantly worried about it? And now I just start reading lupus symptoms again and this dull ache in my knee came back, whenever i get on the computer i start looking up symptoms and i get sacred. I dont have a rash and ive been in the sun (95degree weather) for 2weeks. I dont have hair loss or any of that. Could this be the begining of lupus? What are the begining symptoms?

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    JSU, Your talking yourself into having all these symptoms by reading, I have Lupus and believe me if you had it you would know it. Good Luck Rita V

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    An ER are not able to diagnose lupus. There are specialised checks that need to be performed with a view to get this prognosis and potentially CT scans, MRI scans or muscle biopsy/trying out. You would recall making an appointment with a dermatologist for the rashes or an interior treatment health care provider who maybe ready to place the portions of the puzzle in combination. ER's deal with simplest the supplying symptom that you simply are available in with - they are not able to repair on-going issues - that's no longer what they're hooked up for and so they could deal with your rash with a prescription. You ought to uncover one surgeon who can order extra trying out to look if some thing is happening that demands additional research.

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