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What is the best way to house train 2 puppies?

I have 2 puppies. Zoey is 10 weeks old and Crumbs is 4 months old. With Crumbs we made the mistake of training her with puppy pads. I want both of them to potty outside, but neither one is understanding the concept that we want them to potty outside and not on the puppy pad. We leave one down for them and I'll spend 20 minutes outside with Crumbs only to bring her in and have her poop on the puppy pad in 2 minutes. I need help on how to break them of the puppy pads and get them to go outside

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe you could try moving the puppy pad outside and bringing them outside to see that the puppy pad is now outside, and then over time get rid of the puppy pad, since they will know they have to potty outside

  • 1 decade ago

    Praise them when they potty outside. And do not leave puppy pads for them to use. After taking them outside. Put them in their crate for a while (dogs do not like to poo or pee in their sleeping area) that will prevent them fro defecating, then take them outside again. Then, they should potty outside. Because their bladders are so small, they can't hold their pee for long.

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    1 decade ago

    take the puppy pad outside.. be patient it takes awhile, they don't have full bladder control yet... take some poop outside and leave it there so they can smell it, then take them to that spot.

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