What are the three of the greastest restaurants you've been to in America. Why?

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    1 decade ago
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    Bob Evans - Eastern part of the USA - Good food, especially Breakfast.

    Applebees - Good Ribs

    Olive Garden - Excellent Lasagna!!


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    The greatest Restaurant I ever went to was outside of Fredericksburg Texas,

    It was called Almo Springs Cafe. I liked it because They always had perfect

    Burgers that were like Huge You could take home your left overs and have it for lunch

    the next day! It Also looked really texas Themed.

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    1 decade ago

    Rain Forest Cafe--loved the atmospher

    Applebees-loved their ribs

    Olive Garden-Love their salad

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    Lawrys steakhouse. they mainly serve prime rib and a few other meats but it is amazing. the restuarant is so amazing they bring the meat out on 30,000$ carts. they have thee best steak ever.

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    1 decade ago

    my favorites right now where i live are el charros for their big cheese burritos, chili's for their shrimp alfredo, and pizza hut for their meat lovers pizza and my fourth would be bad brads for their bbq. a place for every taste. so i have four.

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