Can a state do what Arizona sorta did but the not exactly and the opposite? Give illegals citizenship?

just curious. if a state like arizona can do what it wants with the laws, can a state pass a law that gives illegals residency or even citizenship? oh and not to sound racist or anything but i mean a state in the north not south. ie illinois, new york etc

*please no racist comment, this question is just out of curiosity.


well now that i think about it... not really citizenship.... more like rights or something.

if arizona can deport immigrants, cant a state be pro immigrants and do something to help?

Update 2:

maccrew6: dont call me a 'little girl' u dont know me. ur sarcasm is not appreciated.

again i am wondering: didnt southern states refuse to follow the emancipation proclamation and some laws thereafter that freed slaves? wouldnt it be similar if the situation in my question happened?

Update 3:

kinze: by "you and your family" u mean to say that i had a choice in the matter of my birth. its not like i sent meassages to my mother via womb and told her to go to the US. the problem i have with u (cuz ive seen ur answers in alot of immigration q's) is that u tend to insult people, when u know nothing about them.

illegals come to the US in search of better life. they dont mean to break the law. they want to leave a country were people are killed everyday in plain sight and were cartels kidnap fathers and mothers for a insanely amount of money. if it were america instead of mexico that had these problems, wouldnt u want the mexican governemnt to help?

Update 4:

what i meant (about the civil war update i did) wasnt the slavery. i meant the way that the states picked which laws they want to follow. *sorry if it confused any of u.

*o and i apologize for writing ur username wrong kize.

Update 5:

maccrew6: so what i use "u" and "ur" that doesn't imply that i am "a little girl" its what is used in texting. which isn't far from what i am doing since i am on my cellphone's internet browser.

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    they are called ILLEGAL immigrants. There is a reason they are called ILLEGAL immigrants. If they truly want to be Americans there is a way to do that, and then they can become LEGAL immingrants. I don't get why this issue is so hard for some people to understand.

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    You are right, a state cannot grant nor revoke ones United State's citizenship (only state licenses, state IDs, etc.). Arizona's new law did not attempt to do either. It's purpose was to help uncover and identify those in the state that did not have legal citizenship, and pass them to the federal authorities to handle (The state of Arizona does not deport illegal immigrants, this is a federal function). Arizona felt that the federal government was not doing enough to combat illegal immigration to their state, so they were trying to help the process. However, some of the methods allowed by this law for identifying illegal aliens came under constitutional scrutiny - which is why the federal courts became involved and struck down some of its provisions.

    As far as your question about a state being "pro-immigrant" - I assume you mean "pro-illegal-immigrant" since there is no issue or controversy regarding legal immigrants. So, no, there really isn't anything "pro-illegal-immigrant" that a state could do -- other than encourage the federal government to grant amnesty and citizenship to those that are here illegally (which some in Congress and the U.S. administration are in favor of doing, but many are not). This is not really an issue about a state choosing which federal laws to follow.

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    What you are calling for is directly against Federal Law, what Arizona wants is the laws enforced, big difference. Arizona is deporting illegal aliens, not immigrants. These are not the same by far. We are all pro-immigrants. but the majority of Americans are anti-illegal alien. Immigrants respect laws and are checked for criminal backgrounds and diseases. Illegal aliens are not.

    Please educate yourself. This was slavery. You are not a slave. You either are committing criminal acts on your own or by your parents decisions. You came and can go back as you please. Using the slave thing is really below the belt. I am American Indian and my ancestors were used as slaves along with Black slaves. They had no choice in the matter. You and your family made their choices and now must live by them.

    If speaking the true facts insults people, sorry about their luck.

    And you said it Right there.

    "Wouldn't you want the mexican government to do something." Well it is their job to fix their own country. And NO, I would not want the help of a Nation who would rather send their citizens out of the country than take care of them.

    Guess what, that is not our job to help them. We are responsible for Americans. Do you not see American children starving, living in violence, not having clothes to wear, our veterans and elderly not getting the care they deserve because some illegals used up all funds. This is wrong and I don't care. You are not our responsibility. and I don't care how you got here. If your parents did such a treacherous deed to you, then put the blame where is solely goes.

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    Well, if it isn't already declared unconstitutional or reprieved by so many lawsuits, my guess is California will become an even larger welfare state and be deeper in the hole very soon. America is made up of immigrants, legal or not. I personally support amnesty only because we will at least have more people paying something into the system, and potentially more brought in legally from real citizens. I understand Arizona's desperation, but what they did is very wrong and the job of the Federal Government.

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    A. The AZ law did not suggest that AZ would deport anyone. Its cops would simply refer illegal migrants and cartel members to ICE for federal deportation.

    B. CA has already extended almost all the rights of citizenship to illegal migrants except that they're only allowed to vote in certain school board elections, not in state or federal elections.

    C. No, a state cannot convey federal citizenship to anyone (or deport anyone either).

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    there are sanctuary cities, haven't heard of sanctuary states though.

    That's cities which don't allow city funds to be used for enforcing federal immigration laws, so I think it would be pretty much opposite what Arizona wanted to do.

    States can't hand out citizenship or take them away. Arizona was not planning to take the US citizenship away from illegal immigrants - which is not possible to do, because they don't have US citizenship.

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    no they can't...its us citizenship, and they don't have the authority of the whole US...

    Arizona just passed a state law that enforces a federal law, doing the opposite would be passing a law that opposes a federal allowing slavery in your state, and we fraught a civil war over that

    ha and I'm fraught with bad spelling

    one thing I would disagree with you on is when you say illegals don't "mean" to break the law...they know they are breaking the law and they do it voluntarily...It's like saying people who don't agree with our government and cheated on their taxes didn't mean to break the law

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    Come now little girl... Arizona isn't making things up as they go along.. they are simply ENFORCING laws already on the books! Laws that EVERY US state should be enforcing...

    EDIT...With your use of "words" like "U" and "ur" what would one be expected to think??

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    There is a process in which foreigners can apply and become citizens. It would also pertain to you if you were to go to another country as well... (Laws, language, etc...), as before mentioned it is a process therfore it has steps in which to be completed.

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