how do you make gumbo?

i understand there are many ways to make it..i just want the basic idea of whats in it

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    Basically it has 5 components, roux, broth, meat, onions, fried okra and gumbo file. Some people like to add celery and peppers but I just like onion.You can make gumbo out of anything you want, the most common is seafood or chicken, andouille (smoked sausage) or duck or any wild meat. Or a combo of any meat. But always has okra and gumbo file. My bunch like duck and seafood with shrimp and oysters and duck (use the broth). Seafood is added last as it doesn't take long to cook or it would turn to much.

    Basically you want to boil your duck on low for several hours with some onion sea salt, pepper, garlic powder. I then let the duck cool down in the broth overnight in the frig. All the fat will rise and you can dip it off.

    It takes me about 2 days. After that start heating the broth back and take the duck out when the liquid gets a little warm. You will debone that duck later and put some of the meat back in and serve some of it on a platter..

    I'm sure you are familiar with the term roux if not it's a gravy base used in most stews, the darker the roux the more deep and intense the flavor. It is tricky you must slowly brown flour in oil (about 1/3 oil to 2/3 flour, you want to have plenty, you can always freeze extra for later). Stirring constantly it could take 30 or 4 minutes for a good dark chocolate looking roux. Then through some diced onion in, that's when the neighborhood can smell what's cooking! This is very hot and stays hot for a while so be careful! Now take a cup of the cool/cold broth and incorporate it into the roux a little at a time stirring non stop, once it is mixed you can add more broth but keep stirring till mixed. Don't dump all of it in there it might be to much. Now if your going to add bell peppers and celery do it now. Bring to a boil and simmer meanwhile, brown slowly some chopped raw okra don't' add salt yet, just okra, black pepper and oil maybe onion if you like. This will take about 30 minutes to brown it will take the slime out, and remember it will shrink to about 1/3 of what you started with so fry a lot! Like 3 or 4 bags of frozen.

    When they are almost done add salt to taste, that is because if you add it earlier it will draw water from the okra and make it harder to brown.

    Also I'd slice & brown the sausage if your using it to get some of the grease out and drain.

    Now it just a matter of assembling in all in the pot to simmer for a few hours. Now you will need to add sea salt, black pepper, cayenne if you like that, and keep tasting every 15 minutes and adding more till it tastes right to you. Add everything but the seafood if you are using it and the gumbo file, you add the CLEANED seafood about 30 minutes before it done and add file at the table.

    Serve over rice we like white rice. I use brown rice for my red beans and sausage.


    This is about what it should look like.

    Actually it is better the next day as the seafood flavor has a chance to settle in the whole pot. Don't use and iron pot it will turn everything dark.

    Her is a video so you can get a visual idea, to make roux

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is the gumbo video

    She does it a little different but you get the idea.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hi, I am cajun and I make it every year. I'll explain but give me a moment to type all that

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    Gumbo is a Louisiana soup or stew which reflects and blends the rich cuisines of regional Indian, French, Spanish, and African cultures. The word "gumbo" is derived African term for okra, "gombo," and first appeared in print in 1805. Filé gumbo, a version thickened with filé powder (ground sassafras leaves) as used by the Choctaw Indians, came along about 20 years later.

    There are no hard and fast rules for making gumbo beyond the basic roux, okra or filé powder, and your imagination. There are probably as many distinctive recipes for gumbo as there are cooks in Louisiana.

    First you make a roux......

    The fat used in roux may be butter, shortening, lard, oil, or even bacon drippings. Combine fat with an equal amount of flour ; 1/2 cup of each will make a good amount and any excess can be stored in the refrigerator. (Many cookbooks call for a little more fat than flour - 2/3 cup oil to 1/2 cup flour is a common ratio.) Melt the fat in a black skillet over low heat. When warm and fluid, sprinkle the flour in a little at a time, stirring. Stir constantly until brown (this may take 20 to 30 minutes) ; immediately remove from heat or add ingredients your recipe calls for. If it burns even slightly, throw it out and start over again.

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    Gumbo is a stew or soup originating in Louisiana which is popular across the Gulf Coast of the United States and into the U.S. South. It consists primarily of a strong stock, meat or shellfish, a thickener, and the vegetable "holy trinity" of celery, bell peppers, and onion. Traditionally, one of the key ingredients has been okra, the African plant okingumbo,[1] from which the dish originally took its name.[1] However, today gumbo has evolved to the point where it is often made without the inclusion of okra. so if your looking for good and decent food check this out.

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    Have you ever tasted it?

    I worked in Egypt mainly with Americans, one of them was from Louisiana, he told me he had a fishing boat and spent a lot of time while on leave fishing. He used to go into raptures about his gumbo.

    One day when he returned from leave he brought me a bowl of this stuff, it was the most foul stench ever, I recall a few bits of shrimp in there, the rest was unidentifiable but all fish, I could tell by the stink.

    He enjoyed his portion, I had a few polite nibbles it tasted even worse than it stunk. I thought he was having some sort of laugh because we usually made a lot of jibes at each other, I would ask him if his Mum smoked one of those clay pipes as I had seen them do on UK tv. He in return had a load comments about the Brits getting their as* kicked by a bunch of woods men.

    After a few more nibbles I picked up his bowl and sniffed it. Just the same as mine and he was really enjoying it!!

    I wont be looking out for any recipes !

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    Here are a bunch of Gumbo recipes that are easy to cook -

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    make a roux, add al desired ingredients to the pot to cook down nd leave to simmer for hrs till tender

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    You use fish ball.

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