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How do you get rid of cramps?

OK so i have SUPER bad cramps and they will not go away! I have taken pain killers (Advil) but when I took a shower earlier they became defective.... I have swimming class today so I need halp FAST


I just got back from swimming and it made them worse....

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    -Hot water bottle on the area where it hurts

    -Hot tea

    -Doing some gentle exercise, as this reduces muscle tension and makes your cramps better. This can be going for a quick jog, or touching your toes repeatedly or doing sit ups


    -A hot bath, if you have time

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    Hello the best thing I have found for my cramps is Midol. It is very important to stop drinking beverages with caffeine, caffeine seems to intensify the cramps. The funny thing is that Midol has caffeine but it works. Drink allot of water also. Good Luck at swimming class.... I hope that helps you.

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    apply heat to get rid of menstrual cramps

    Use applied heat to relieve menstrual cramps. Apply the heat directly to the area of your body most affected by the cramps (usually the abdomen or lower back). Heating pads, a warm wet towel, a hot bath, and time in a sauna are all effective methods of desling wtih menstrual cramp pain.

    light exercise helps menstrual cramps

    Light exercise can relieve menstrual cramp pain by raising endorphin levels, which the brain associates with pain relief. A light cardio or yoga workout can get your blood pumping and stretch out your tense muscles. Anything more intense, like lifting weights or hard running, might just make you more miserable.

    hydration helps menstrual cramps

    Drink lots of water and herbal tea to get rid of cramps. Even if you already feel bloated, staying hydrated will improve you overall feeling of wellbeing. And the herbal elements in a cup of hot chamomile, mint, or gingerroot tea can help relieve some menstrual cramp pain along with the warmth of the liquid.

    stretching can help menstrual cramps

    Stretch out your pelvic muscles to relieve some of the menstrual cramp pain. Create a triangle by standing with legs spread past shoulder width, then bending sideways to reach your left/right hand down to your left/right ankle and holding right/left arm up in the air. Sit on the floor and create diamond with your legs by pressing the soles of your feet together then bending forward while exhaling. Curl up in the fetus position, with your face and legs down on the floor and your arms at your sides.

    if its not menstrual, i think these help too. g'luck!

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    advil is good. i don't understand what you are saying about the shower.

    i would take 2 more advil and drink plenty of water so they absorb quickly.

    also, the physical exercise will help believe it or not!

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    midol is over the counter stuff that is made for women with bad cramps

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    get some electrolytes eg gatorade!!!

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