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What should I do this summer?

im 16 years old and i have been inside my room since the last day of school

not once have i been outside and im so bored that i think i'm about to go crazy

i live in an urban area and i don't even want to take a walk outside because there's always

some sick guy honking his horn or a guy whistling -seriously and i'm not even appealing according

to my own opinion

i also can't spend a lot of time in the sun because it irritates my skin

my parents won't even take me anywhere i want to go even though they always go places together just my 3 little siblings and my parents-i don't get along with them-but they haven't even taken me to the mall once , they keep on saying no

i don't know what to do-all i've done is watch movies shows , eat and sleep

there's nowhere to go and nothing to do around my neighborhood and my friends are never free to do stuff with me

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    thats a bummer


    first, use skin protection when you are in the sun. you wont age as fast and your older/cancerless self will thank you.

    second, its good to get a little sun every day because of vitamin D, so try to go running or biking a little every day or just sit outside and read or write.

    if you bike, you can bike to places and that way you wont have to walk past the whistlers. biking will just get you past them faster.

    and yeah maybe join a sport league or take lessons in oboe or something.

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    Try participating in a sport! There's basketball, swimming, softball, soccer and more. If you find a sport that you really like and you explain that to your parents maybe they'll be more willing to drive you!

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