why do stupid girls who get pregnant get rewarded?

why is it that my silly 17 year old cousin who has got herself pregnant while single gets a £500 grant and a free flat and grants to furnish it is entitled to this. While i , who have worked all my life and just manages to pay my mortgage has to scrimp and save to pay for the arrival of our child.Does the English government think this will deter teenagers from having babies?


yes she got herself pregnant as she thinks it will be cool to not have to work and get a free home like her mates have!

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    I think that the government should help her go after the father for child support, but that's about it. If they can't find the father, then I think the government shouldn't give the woman any more money than she would get in child support, If you were responsible enough to willingly go and have sex at a young age then you should be responsible for either take care of the baby, get an abortion, or give the baby up for adoption. I'm not saying that all teen moms are bad or anything (my mom had me when she was 19), but they should really consider adoption more. A lot of girls claim that they can't give up their babies, but I want to know why. They leave the child in someone else's care while they go to school and out with their friends all the time. Why not give to baby to a family who can actually afford to take care of it without help from the government and give it the attention it needs. I don't know about in England, but here in America, the MTV show '16 and Pregnant' is really popular. It's just about a bunch of teenage girls who are pregnant and it shows their lives while they are pregnant and after the baby comes, and now they have a show on MTV 'Teen Mom' and that's about teenagers with their babies. They have to be making a bunch of money off the show for not having to do anything but raise their kids on TV. MTV could take that money and do so many good things with it. They could use it to help adoption agencies find children homes or help homeless pregnant women or women and children trying to get away from their abusive families. The government is wasting our money and people don't even care. As long as teens are seeing that having a baby will get them free stuff then they will keep having children younger and younger. They think having a baby will be fun and easy but in reality, it is far from that.

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    I know the UK is generous to unwed mothers, but in fact, the idea is to try to make sure that the child is raised in decent circumstances, not to "reward" the mother. Of course the mother benefits, too, but these funds are really for the child.

    Yes, it seems very unfair, and I sympathize with your frustration. However, I can't really criticize an attempt to avoid the child's having to grow up in very substandard and perhaps poverty-stricken conditions. At least your child will be growing up with responsible, hard-working parents, in a home they are buying, so he or she will be starting out with major advantages that your cousin's child won't have. In a sense, the flat and the grants are an effort to level the playing field a little, for children who aren't as fortunate as your child will be.

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    "Got herself pregnant"... she got a loaded finger? A woman can not get herself pregnant. It takes a man to help out with that.

    Seriously, did you stop to think that the gov't is helping her with the baby when, possibly, the father won't help? Maybe he has the same attitude that you do? "well, she got herself pregnant, let her deal with it"

    Even with that, she didn't get herself pregnant. And if a guy is stupid enough to go along with it without protection, then he is just as low as she is.

    Granted there's probably plenty of people, men and women, out there who use their kids as a way to get money from the gov't. But your generalization that all girls just "get themselves pregnant" to do this is downright ridiculous.

    Gov't's provide such things FOR THE CHILD, not the parents. I suppose you would rule that they should just deal with it, who cares how high the mortality rate goes up....

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    because she needs to have money to support he kid but i think that getting pregnant at a young age is stupid

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    Quit your job then and do the same.

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