Is joining the israeli army manditory?

READ THIS FIRST: i am an american thinking about going to college in Israel to become a corporate lawyer. Do you have to be an ISRAELI citizen to go to the israeli army (any kind of army/military)? When i go there, i will be a new resident, still an american citizen. Do i have to go? i don't really think i want to. I have so many other plans!

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    If you are just going to study and not to be a new immigrant you don't have to worry about anything, there is no mandatory service just for people studying.

    For you, if you are planning to immigrate, and become a citizen of Israel, there is a 2 year requirement if your date of immigration is before your 20th birthday. That includes if it is the day before your birthday.

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    Keep in mind the fact that many high powered positions in the private industry is given out on basis of connection. Where I worked, several of the partners were "old army buddies" and virtually everyone in some form performed beyond the mandatory 3 year service. I was explained this is often (not always!) the case everywhere. I was lucky to be welcomed in to that company for a few months as it was part of an internship program organized by the jewish federation. A good idea for you might be to contact your local agency, and see if they can hook you up with an intersnhip for a summer in a law firm.

    You will probably be expected to speak at the very least conversational hebrew, hope that is not a problem.

    In terms of army, I am not certain if you have to join or not. You are an American. But on the other hand, not completing service is viewed as a bad thing later on your professional carreer. Best to figure out for sure if you have to join.

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    you have to e an Israeli citizen to join th army

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    An Oleh Chadas male or female has 'military obligations'

    The actual service of women in the armed forces is by no means a point of controversy in Israel. Since 1959, a Defense Service Law requires all citizens and permanent residents of the state to carry out military obligations.

    At present, women between the ages of 18 and 26, who are physically fit, unmarried, with no children, who do not object for religious reasons or grounds of conscious, must fulfill their military obligation to serve and protect the State of Israel for a period of one year and nine months. (Men are required a three-year term.) After 1948, women were no longer allowed in combat. However, in the late 1990’s and beyond, women began assembling in more combative positions. In 2001, the Women’s Corps disbanded and integrated into the general army staff, no longer serving as an independent unit.

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    if you are not israeli citizen then u don't have to join army.

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    you won't need to join the army. it is mandatory only for israeli citizens who are 18 years old.

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    Just tell them that you are a supporter of Hamas then you defiantly wont be conscripted. So whats wrong with an American college. Are there none that teach corporate law.?

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