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His name is Michael (I can't stand names that fit a character too well, or names that are too made up). he's averagely smart, and witty. Of course, he's not just those things; Micheal has bad traits too. He's angry at the world, doesn't care about many people, and has a low moral standing. The problem with that is, when he does do something wrong, he feels awful and tries to never do it again, but fails.

Michael is pessimistic, but tries to see the good in some people. He doesn't make many friends, but the ones he has mean the world. That doesn't, however, mean that he trusts them or opens up to them.

He's not a bad person; everything he does you could empathize with.

Do you like the start of his character? Please be brutally honest; I'd gladly appreciate it.

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    To be honest, it's just a list of traits. Granted, it's a decent start (aside from the whole "he's an immoral jerk but you can relate to him" thing... That doesn't make much sense), but it's not a well-rounded character.

    Traits don't make the character. You need reasons and foils to these traits; you need to list things that may have happened to the character, their relatives/the people that are close. I need to be able to see how this character fits into the world that you've created in your story.

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    I will be brutally honest! You've given Michael (I hate that name, but it fits your purpose) a list of traits, and that's a start, but you need to think about character development. If Michael stays like this the entire novel (or story) -- static -- it will be pretty bad.

    I like the best about his low moral standings. Protagonists that aren't always likable I find interesting, although sometimes they work less well. Making him irritable and sarcastic would be kind of fun, as long as you give him some redeeming quality (committed love?).

    Don't over-think it, and let Michael develop throughout the story.

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    Everything he does I can empathize with? Somehow I doubt it. He sounds like just a jerk. All his "good" qualities are superficial at best.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Michael is a gooooood name

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