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bench pressing with dumbells and a bar help?

i had been benching with dumbells for a month and i did 80 pounds with dumbells 10 reps

i benched with a bar 75 pounds 1 rep and i had never benched with a bar

i heard that its easier to bench with a bar

why did i bench more with dumbells?

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    Chances are your muscles and body have been more used to doing the dumbbell press then it has doing the bench press with a bar. If you keep on doing both your more likely to end up doing more on the bar then you will with the dumbbells.

    Source(s): www.infohealthfitness.com I've been a personal trainer for 5 years
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    The range of motion is different when you use dumbells for example your arms may have come down more giving you more force to push up. With a bar your are really focusing on your biceps.

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    Bench is harder ofcourse, Dumbells Range of motion is easier.. Bench is hard on shoulders.

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    your obviously an idiot soo

    bench bar = 45 to 75 pounds

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    Did you take into account the weight of the barbell? Most of them weigh at least 10-35 lbs.

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