What is a 26 on the ACT equivalent to on the SAT?

Im pretty sure for each section on the act i got a 26, maybe one 25. total composite score of 26. what would that be equal to on the SAT?

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    It would be a 1760 on the 2400 scale (Critical Reading + Writing + Math) or 1160-1200 on the 1600 scale (CR + Math). Of course, they are two different tests so any conversion number you get will just be what they consider to be an approximation.

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    Sat Act Equivalent

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    Act Equivalent To Sat

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    The SAT completely f's with your head-- just throwing that out there... completely and radically different from the ACT...

    I got a 27 on the ACT and a 1780 on SAT. If you suck at English, forget a good SAT score.

    A 27 is roughly equivalent to an 1800 (600, 600, 600-- according to my top choice-Russell Group- British universities)... a 27 on this chart is equivalent to 1820- so I scored below because the SAT will undoubtedly screw with your head-- despite all the months and weeks of prep ahead of time.

    a 26 is equivalent to 1760.

    Here is this chart referenced:


    Source(s): I got a 5 on my AP English Language and Composition score. A perfect score. Top 10% country. Not good enough for the 1800 I needed on my SAT-- retaking this fall. Good luck, try to practice as much as you can. Good luck to you! :)
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    A 26 on the ACT is in the 1170-1200 score range on the SAT. They say it's an 1190 as a single score.

    This is just for the critical reading and math sections of the SAT.

    You can see the full chart here: http://www.act.org/aap/concordance/

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