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IF!! Sarah Palin become the US President in 2012.... what will happen to the Republicans who had trashed her?

after the 2008 Presidential election

This guy hated Sarah Palin

Steve Schmidt is one of the toughest of Washington's professional campaigners. Schooled by Karl Rove, the brain behind President George W. Bush's two electoral victories and Arnold Schwarzenegger's successful gubernatorial reelection campaign in California.


Sarah Palin probably caught the guy in some sort of gay sex

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    They would be in the unemployment line with everyone else. She would make a better porn star than president.

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    Don't under-estimate a woman. We have been multi-tasking all our lives. Sarah Palin is a true Patriot. I know for sure she was born in America. She has an all around attitude. She is strong. She has a strong base. She would be the best President we have had in years. Do you want the same blame game while you are out of work and your children are hungry. Or do we want to get busy and be that Shining Beacon again. She would turn this economy around by de-regulating all the businesses so they could actually turn a profit and start hiring and expanding. We would become energy efficient. She would repeal the Health Care Law and make health care affordable for all. I am tired of the bashing by the ultra stupid. Look at our country and our economy then decide if you want to be a servitude to the government or be your own person. I do not want a President who stands with others more than Americans.

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    John McCain appealed to many moderates on both sides of the aisle. Many, many moderate Democrats even considered voting for John McCain. All of that disappeared the instant that Palin was selected for VP....and started opening her mouth and saying what she "thought".

    Palin lost the election for a Republican candidate who, before adding her to his ticket, had watched his approval ratings SOAR.

    Think seriously about the following statement which I make although I personally think Obama is a fine President.

    MORE Americans thought that Obama would make a great president than thought that Palin

    would make even a border-line acceptable Vice President.

    Moderate Republicans voted for Obama rather than risk what might happen if they voted Palin into the VP office.

    So, you are now saying you actually think Palin has a shot? If so, then go out and convince all your buddies not only to run her, but also to run ole Newt for VP.

    It will be nothing but good news to the Democrats.

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    u.s. would in no way recover from the finished and utter laughingstock that we would grow to be interior the eyes of the international. we are already seen ignorant and ridiculous by ability of maximum folk of the civilized international. I used to vehemently safeguard the U.S. against such accusations by ability of foreigners, yet i'm working out of excuses to make on our behalf. whilst we see maximum of human beings helping figures like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and so on., there is purely no longer something you are able to say to safeguard it.

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    If Palin becomes President in 2012, a lot of people, myself included, will be moving to Canada.

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    why would you even say that #1 she wont become the us president in 2012 because shes so stupid (sorry) #2 she wont have any time to do anything because barrack obama is getting re elected . #3 why does so many people have a problem with barrack obama... its so ignerant to me that some people wont even call him their president because hes a democratic but Bill Clinton was a democratic and everybody supported him even if they were republicans.... all yall are ignerant

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    She will not become president in 2012 so don't worry about it. But think of it like this... What happened to the Democrats who trashed Obama in 2008... NOTHING

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    They will come together.

    If Sarah does win it will be because people will have seen through the BS the main stream media has been putting out about her.

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    they would be part of the world armageddon that Palin initiates in 2013

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    If she ever becomes president I'm applying for dual citizenship in Canada.

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