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Why is she asking soo many questions about me going to mexico?

its this girl i liked from school we talked but i asked her to hang out 3 times she bailed so i let it go. i know spring break is far but me and my friends already planned it and bought tickets too to cancun and now she's like asking me 100 questions about it and all sudden interested in me wtf, i wont see her till this fall at school and i only got one chance to talk to her face to face and that was last day of school

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    There's a saying that goes, " advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn't"- Erica Jong

    Simply put you know that this girl is just trying to use you, she's not even asking you to hang out, she's getting straight to the point. I wouldn't waste my time if I was you. Find yourself a new girl that is really worth your time, someone who isn't after you because of what she thinks you can offer.

    Good luck.

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