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Is my ex still interested?

We had a mutual break up 5 days ago. Yesterday he texted me, and we continued texting back and forth. Then, he signed onto facebook and immediately started talking to me on there. I definitely know we're going to stay friends, we've already talked about it. Our relationship was left "open-ended" and on kind of a "standstill" i guess. We're going to see what happens next year at school. But i'm really surprised he talked to me so quickly. If he wanted to date again, i think we could try it again.

What do you think?

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    I think he probably still has feeling for you (you probably do for him too)... but you have both decided to just see where it goes..... so he would still want to talk to you cuz he doesnt want to completely lose you.

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    He COULD Be Still Interested In You ..

    Or He Just Don't Want You Out Of His Life .

    But Be Patient &See What Happens Next !

    --hoped i helped =)

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    I understand what your going through if you both got feelings for each other you should go for it but do you think you will last?

    Becuase you started speaking to each other obviously means something you can never speak to your ex unless you got feelings for them.

    I think you will get back together

    all the best :)

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    your ex isn't interest in you

    answer my question?

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