what do you do if a crush is making you feel depressed?

ive had a crush on this guy for like nearly 2 years now, he happends to be my mums friends nephew so ive known him for ages and ages ,he asked me out once and i said no , and now i regret it :(

he is now completely over me and im just going mad lol, im like an obsessive wreak , im checking his facebook profile , bacically stalking him ''/ and even getting depressed over him . writing love quotes about him and alsorts, i feel like a weirdo, im just always thinking about him and it wont go away this time . how do i sort this mess out? should i delete him of faebook??

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    move on b/c he sucks

  • 1 decade ago


    and STOP looking at his profile or pictures.

    just dont use msn or facebook in a while, watch some t.v get yur mind off him .

    you should talk to him if you want to be with him, if he doesnt hes not worth it. go find urself another guy. you must be a charming girl/lady , so it wont me that hard.

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  • Ice
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    1 decade ago

    delete him off facebook

    answer my question?


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