Should yahoo answers create two sub-topic forums for politics: china and politics: taiwan?

lately the trolls have been masters of 'bateing' each other off. It is tiresome and not needed in the travel section. Please debate the finer points of historical events somewhere else and leave us in peace. We know the leadership of Taiwan and China both sucked and screwed up in various ways in the past... but it doesn't help solve modern issues to relive past gory events here and upset travellers to both countries. Go away to another forum, people who care about history and political games can impress with their account doubling games and witticisms elsewhere.

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  • Kirby
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    1 decade ago
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    No enough useless sub topics because most of the current subtopics like that just end up ding off and never get any activity. If people from Taiwan don't want to be considered part of China then simply ask and answer questions in the general other section.

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