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Diamonds from the Congo info??please?

which minerals are featured and what makes them so desirable?

investigate a consequence directly related to the issue. may be; environmental, economic, social, political or a combination of these?

i need a website about Diamonds from the Congo?

please websites,i don't know much information.??

thank you.

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    The mineral in diamond is carbon, in other forms carbon is not very valuable, but when in crystallized form as diamonds it becomes very valuable.

    They are valuable because they are very rare, and have a lot of visual appeal when cut and set in jewelry. People are willing to pay a lot of money to get them; and where there is money to be had, there will be criminals trying to get the money. Unfortunately countries like the Congo are not rich and cannot spend a lot of money on law enforcement which means the criminals often are able to operate freely; unlike wealthier diamond producing countries like Canada which have the means to keep the illegal elements under control.

    This website has some information on Diamonds in the Congo, hopefully its enough to get you started:

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