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Was what my sister did, mean?

I decided to do a nice thing before, and help my mom around the house, so I started to clean the kitchen. I emptied the dishwasher, cleaned up one counter ( halfway, i was going to finish it) and i cleaned the dog bowls and gave the dog new food and water. My sister came downstairs and saw what I was doing and SHE decided to take over saying rude remarks like "omg, your going to waste $20 cleaning the dog bowls" , "here, use this cleaner instead, its SAFER for the dog" , " you never throw away your paper towels" and " stop using all the cleaner up, there will be nothing for me to use at all" and one part, my sister decided to use a knife to pick out some dirt on the stove, and she put it back where all the clean knifes were, and i asked her " why are you putting a dirty knife back where the clean ones are?" and she got an attitude, because she took it out, put water on it, and slammed it back where the clean ones are. It made me feel bad, because I was trying to do a nice thing for my mom and she had to come down and put my mood very low and to make me feel bad. It made me want to stop and now she's cleaning it all by herself, and she might take all the credit for herself. Was this pretty mean of my sister? I just want parent's opinions. She put my mood down really low and now I just feel bad like I tried to do something nice, and I couldn't even do it right :(

Should I tell my parents?

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    It was really negative attitude. Concern your parents. Telling your parents shows you show that you're worried for your sister... it's a good step of responsibility.

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    your sister sounds like the lil spawn lucifer spatt out.

    p.s im not a parent but i wouldnt like to help, im 13 and at tiems my bro is EXACTLY like that :(

    what i do is take a deep breath, relax, go finish my job and talk to my mom.

    and he gets jelous, like i was cleaning up and i told him, id get an extra five dollars he got jelous and went to complain, i know we sound babysaih, but its how it works, so yeah, just breath finish your job, im sure you were doing good. goodluck, and talk to your mom, dont let her take credit for YOUR good work :) loves.

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    Hm, I think she tried to put you down about it because she didn't think of it first.

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