can i catch bed bugs from another person that has bed bugs at her house?

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    The second answer is the most correct so far: bed bugs DO bite - they don't feed on dead skin pieces: those are mites which the other 2 people are thinking of. They can hitch a ride in your clothing, so you have to be really careful there. They are very difficult to get rid of - your friend should really try to get this done as soon as possible. // So long as you are not sleeping in her bed, however, you should be ok, although there is a chance that if a few bugs are in her clothing that a couple may transfer to you if you are in close contact - so i recommend limiting actual physical contact other than just touching and such, until she has the bug problem at her place under control.

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    The simple answer is yes. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on your clothing or bags brought into the infested home. I would not bring anything into a household with bed bugs. When returning home, if you have a garage, undress their, place clothes into a plastic bin with a snap cover, and bring directly to a washing machine and run on hot water.

    Bed bugs are not always in the bed room. They can be in a den, living room, on a couch etc. For this reason, I'd strongly suggest not meeting the friend in their home. Meet at the mall, it's safer.

    While the risk of a bed bug hitching a ride is low, you do not want to get these insects in your home as it is costly to have them removed..

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    Bed bugs don't live on humans but they can hitch hike on your clothing or in your luggage and infest your house. A bed bug can live on its own but they often congregate in nests near where their feeding source is (i.e. near beds and sofas). They feed on blood and they mainly are nocturnal so you may not know they are there until you wake up with bite marks.

    When I traveled through India, I stayed far away from places that had brown (blood) stains on walls and bed frames - a sure sign of bed bug infestations.

    The way to know if you have a bed bug infestation is from bites although not all people notice bites. Brown stains on sheets are also an indicator. You may see them at night if you carry a flashlight to bed and shine it on them.

    If you think you have an infestation then the best thing to do is call in pest control because they are apparently hard to get rid of.

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    A friend of mine had bed bugs and it took him over 6 months to get rid of them himself with insecticides, etc. They *are* very hard to get rid of. I've heard that if you heat your residence to a certain temp (it's high)or that you make it freezing in there, that that will kill the bugs. Don't know how true that is. Anyway, he had bites all over his arms and acutally had some big scabs, it was nasty, and I would NOT let him into my apartment until he was rid of them, after all, I dont want them in MY BED or couch! (maybe that's mean, but you gotta do what you gotta do). He finally got rid of them but should have called his landlord about them (she's a slumlord though, I know, I rented from her) but she would have evicted him. I've heard that the whole building now has bedbugs. They CAN be in new furniture from a store but it's unlikely. Call your landlord or take matters into your own hands and call a pest control establishment. That's MY advice. Also, the tried and true fact is that you should THROW OUT your mattress or couch to be sure they are gone. I know that's drastic but that's what some people say they've had to do to get rid of them completely. The saying, "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" is oh so true, not just a kid's rhyme. Good luck!

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    You do not "catch" bed bugs. Bed bugs are EVERYWHERE. There is nothing you can do about bed bugs, except wash your sheets and pillow cases about every week or so. However, washing them only works for a little while and like I said, there is no "solution". Besides, there are absolutely no known cases of someone "catching" bed bugs or dying from them, they just eat your dead skin.

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    Not to sound sarcastic but only if you sleep in her bed. Bed bugs feed off dead skin cells that we shed when we sleep.

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