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In baseball are Latin American players treated better than African American Americans by whites?

A-Rod admitted to steroid use and even though Aaron was clean he was given death threats when he was chasing Babe Ruth record.

It also seems now that A-Rod will be more likely than Bonds to get in as a hall of fame player even though both are suspected of steroid use and A-Rod used it earlier in his career (25-26) than what Bonds was suspected to have use it (35-38).

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    Aaron may have been attacked by a few racist idiots but he is FAR more respected than A-Rod will ever be.This has nothing to do with race. It is about A-Rod's use of PEDs and also the way he carries himself. Aaron is a total class act and is loved by almost all fans.

    Both Bonds and Rodriguez are disliked by most people for similar reasons. I think you are mistaken in your assumption that A-Rod will have an easy time getting into the Hall of Fame. The reasons for keeping A-Rod and Bonds out are almost identical.If they let one of those 2 in they pretty much have to let them both in.

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    Hank Aaron was in a different time when there was still a lot of racism towards black people. Now, no one really cares if you are black or white ("It don't matter if you're black or white!" - Michael Jackson).

    The reason why Bonds may be at a disadvantage getting into the Hall of Fame compared to A-Rod is because he was a big jerk. No one really liked him as a person.

    However, if Bonds gets in, A-Rod should and vice versa.

    To answer your quesiton, Latin American players do not get treated better by white people in general. Don't play the race card looks stupid these days. Racism exists in all cultures. Black people are racist, hispanic people are racist, white people are doesn't matter, but it's ugly for sure.

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    Death threats? Time are different pal, this ain't the 1970's and ARoids ain't chasing the most popular icon in the sport in Babe Ruth. Trust me, if Barroids doesn't get in, then ARoids ain't getting in. Barroids was better then ARoids. Plus the Yankees are just popular man, they got the fan base of like 7 to 10 teams combined, the whole country can hate ARoids but the Yankees are so popular it won't even matter because they got their own bubble.

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    For all the talk about blacks in baseball and Jackie Robinson, for some reason Latinos dominate baseball and blacks want to be Michael Jordan, or Labron James.I don't know why.

    I have never noticed any discrimination and possibly some researcher can come up with the reason that blacks in general are not as interested as they used to be.

    I really don't care where they come from long as they can help the Red Sox this year.

    Source(s): 50 year Baseball and Red Sox fan.
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    anyone using steroids in baseball should be booted out of the league if you ask me. why does race have anything to do with your question?

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    i think every player is treated equal as you would have complaints

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