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Why is America not considered a Christian Nation anymore despite the statistics? Are they default?

The Statistics show that 58.3 to 82.3% as Christian Population out of which 11.6 to 37.3% are considered Agnostic/Atheist.

Is it because more and more children who are born to Christian parents are becoming Atheists or Agnostics?

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    Because ours is a SECULAR government, not a theocracy.

    That is to say, it is a government created by, of, and for the people, which rules at the consent of the governed. The government makes no claim to and recognizes no divine authority of the ruling over the ruled.

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    It is also mostly white. So do you say that the U.S. is a White Nation? Or perhaps you would say the U.S. is a nation of many races and it does not favor one over the others. The same goes for religion. The U.S. could be 99.99% christian and it would still be considered a secular nation due to the way its laws are crafted.

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    if One combines Agnostics with atheist it is possible to skew the numbers.

    Pres Obama Lies to diplomats of the world for political goals which he does not confess.

    Most people in government are LIARS and thieves, every statistic is skewed. Lies become truth and truth becomes lies.

    in history, MORE than a half-dozen times, it has been concluded that this country WAS/is christian in foundation. The entire world perceives America synonomously with christianity. Obama seeks to undermine america, imo. he definitely LIED when he said the mexican border is secure, while there are murders kidnapping and rapes on american soil.

    , i dont believe the low figure of 58 %, only, who believe in God.

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    If there is any debate as to whether or not it is, then it is not.

    Simply because American Citizens stand up and say "We are not Christians", this nation is not a Christian nation.

    The principles of this country embrace the idea that we are NOT a nation of any one religion, but rather an eclectic body of all creeds and colors. To say that we are a nation of any one religion misses the entire point of being an American.

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    America is a product of Christian Europe. Christianity is one of the reasons why the USA is different than places that are historically Muslim or Buddhist. Only insane atheists believe otherwise.

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    Because the United States is a secular, representative republic.

    It has no established religion, no official faith. It's not a Christian nation in the sense that Japan is not a Buddhist country.

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    It depends on what you mean by "Christian nation." If you mean that the population is predominantly Christian, then no one argues that.

    If you mean that we have a Judeo-Christian religious and cultural heritage, no one argues that.

    If you mean that our laws and governance are based on Christianity, then that is factually wrong. The Treaty of Tripoli, for all its textual faults, was ratified by Congress as law, and it says that the government of the US is not based on the Christian religion. Subsequent court rulings tried to say that it was, but the courts do not have legal authority to overturn a duly ratified treaty.

    If you mean that Christianity is the official religion of the US, then that is also factually wrong. The First Amendment expressly forbids the establishment of a state religion.

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    Since there are more Catholics then Protestants in America, does that automatically mean that America is a Catholic Nation then?

    Yes, there are more Christians then people of other faiths in America, but that does not automatically mean that America is a Christian nation. It just means that there are more Christians in America then people of other faiths.

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    I think prob the reason is b/c of separation of church and state. The non christian people don't want to live in a "christian" nation. I'm not positive thats what I just think. It's the same reason why we don't have English as our set language. B/c we are the land of the free....blah blah blah!

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    It is illegal to form an association of any kind between religion and government in the United States, regardless of the number of adherents of any specific religion within the population; and has been since the Constitution was originally ratified.

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