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What exactly is "wife potential"?

I was listening to the radio today and they were saying that in a new survey in the US 33% of men will not pursue a relationship unless the woman has "wife potential"

So what do you guys have in mind when you hear those words?

Women can answer too... for let's say "husband potential."

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  • Sigil
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    9 years ago
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    I guess that might be to do with her own outlook and what shes looking for herself. For example - Woman looking to settle down and kids = wife potential. Party girl - not wife potential.

  • 4 years ago

    There seems to be a difference in understanding as to the word "submissive". Those that adopt that lifestyle seem to believe it to mean "allowing someone else (husband, normally) to make the majority of the decisions and be the intiator in the bedroom"; critics seem to believe it to mean "giving in to someone's (husband's) will". Those aren't the same, but it should be said that the second definition is accurate usage of the word "submissive". It's understandable however that proponents of the arrangement use this word because there doesn't appear to be a better word (not one that I can think of anyway). It would be perhaps useful if people define exactly what they meant. Edit: Yes, and that's all I have to say. I'm not in a D/s relationship (nor have I ever been) so I'm not going to speak for those that are.

  • 9 years ago

    I doubt many men or women would persue a relationship, unless its essentially just for sex, if they don't think the other has long-term potential as a mate. Otherwise what's the point of the relationship in the first place?

    I think most men's idea of "wife potential" is would include someone they get on with, can trust (as much as a woman can be trusted) and doesn't seeth with resentment, secretly or openly, against the opposite sex and can provide some womanly warmth.

    Like Mabel B, I doubt I'm one for marriage though so others are probably better qualified to comment ;)

  • ..
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    9 years ago

    Well my reply below will wind people up. But I just had to say it. And of course I'm not all the time this shallow and stupid sounding, but in some cases it's very true indeed. I'm not super serious ,So;

    It's the total opposite of bimbo and what seems to be an easy lay. Fun and happy and mostly pretty and beautiful women are not wife material.. It's the homely, mumsie types that are wife material. The ones a man can fall in love with because she reminds him about his own mother. A woman that will take care of him and be a good bearer of his children. The wife material also have big hips as to demonstrate what I mean.

    The type that he subconsciously know will nag at him for his socks being in the wrong corner, and ask him where he is as dinner is ready.

    This will not appear in the beginning of their relationship, but after the honeymoon is over and they have moved in together they will get some kids and he a bigger car. Then as soon as he no longer has her attention as a husband he will be just like another kid to her. They will also no longer have sex as she feels fat and ugly having ballooned up after birth and he no longer appreciates her and finds her sexy.

    He will then wish he had married that good lay...

    Serious answer;

    Wife material is something women can only be called. A man is never husband material, as if you think about it, what is husband material? They shag around anyway, whether they want kids, a wife , dogs or what ever.They can appear to be wanting to settle down , but in the end a woman will nag and eventually drive him insane.

    Then of course there are these lovely persons that has their own agenda. Respect for each other and a constant sexual attraction for each other that will never die. And same interests but yet enticing each other with their quirkiness and sense of humour. People with a great sense of humour will never get bored of each other. And true love of course. Never settle just for the sake of it. As this will eventually come out and show.

    At least I'm honest! Have women really taught their sons any different than say 40 years ago?

    Source(s): Seeing too many men being married. Good men, having affairs being married to good women. And women having affairs too!!! And seeing too many women ask whaaaiii their men don't clean their socks and find them sexy anymore and have affairs with other women.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Someone who has a nice luscious brain filled with potential, someone willing to make sacrifices, someone with empathy and passion, someone who is capable of giving and recieving unconditional love.

    Edit: J D, there are good wives in every part of the world. Being Western doesn't automatically mean "selfish, gold-digger" etc. There are happy couples here too =^-^=!

  • 9 years ago

    Well, I'd say it means that you want someone who is about more than looks or sex. Surprising isn't it? :)

    It could also mean that they want the type of woman who shows that she can stick around even when the money/airy-fairy lifestyle of every meeting being an impressive date runs out and you get down to real life.

    I think it means good human qualities and staying power rather than attractiveness or anything like that, actually. Someone you can see washing your socks with theirs and not complaining. For me, I was impressed that my man could cook me a meal several nights a week and not be a baby about it.

  • Isa
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    9 years ago

    That'd be the first time I've heard that term - and I've been engaged before.

    That said, I think you can basically understand that as meaning that a good chunk of men aren't looking for flings - they're only looking for relationships that have the potential to last.

    In one of my earlier relationships, for instance, I ended up going after a girl who obsessed about friends and drama (red flag), liked to spend her weekends clubbing and bar-hopping (red flag), and didn't really have a sense of humor so much as a reflex to laugh when she thought it was socially appropriate (big red flag). I got into what ultimately was a three-month relationship with her not because I couldn't see all these compatibility issues, but because I was actually interested in a short-term fling, thought she was cute, and went into it with the full intention to only stick around for a short time.

    Today, I wouldn't pursue something like that. This isn't a whole lot different for either gender, I think: once you're not a crazy college student anymore and you've gotten all the "just to see what it's like" relationships out of your system, flings where you get involved with someone attractive but with obvious compatibility problems just don't strike you as worth it anymore.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Someone who has wife or husband potential is just someone you could see yourself marrying. Someone who has the qualities you'd want in a future husband or wife. Those qualities differ for everyone

  • 9 years ago

    Husband potential would be not too neurotic, caring and sweet, funny, able to take care of himself and his life, romantic and desires me, a little bit of good looks go a long way, someone who might cook for me, someone who wouldn't yell or hit me, someone smart, someone unique. I'm sure there are others I have but can't think of right now.

  • 9 years ago

    Typical qualities men or women would like in someone in order to see them as someone they would marry, including how they are with kids.

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