How do I get into my Sentry Safe?

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I have a Sentry Safe (model A3750) that has a broken wire in the solenoid. Sentry recommends that I hire a locksmith to come drill it open. It's not fixable in any way. When I more
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If you are not going to reuse the safe and are planning to get rid of it then I would suggest you call the locksmith back and ask what he would charge if you bring the safe to him to drill. I would imagine that the cost would be much less and perhaps he would give you a credit for the safe if he was interested. If not you probably want to take it to the dump anyway. It will knock out two jobs with one trip.

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That's a great idea. Thanks! I never would have thought of that. I'll give it a shot!
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  • Paul Ramirez answered 4 years ago
    You DONT need a hardened bit for these. You drill from side to depress solenoid where there is NO hard plate. And before you drill anything these bounce open very easy if you know how to do it. very basic. Also $90 is a very cheap price. If you don't have the money get out the saw and cut it in half. Doesn't get any cheaper than that.
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  • jeholman25 answered 4 years ago
    probably best to just pay the 95 dollars.
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  • Stephen answered 4 years ago
    Yes, it is possible but you would need a very hard bit, tungsten and a drill probably three quarter horsepower electric. When you drill through the lock mechanism you will need to keep the bit cool, either with water or oil or you will burn the bit up. This will take quite some time as you can't go very fast as you will increase the wear point which is the tip of the bit. You might have to use a diamond bit if the tungsten proves inadequate. Now, are you prepared to do this, or have it done by a professional.
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