Cons, What are 10 flaws in socialism?


you guys are just sad

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Bill Clinton is a socialist!?

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NAFTA... look it up cons

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    To efficiently manage a centralized economy, all variables of that economy must be accounted for mathematically. This means that internal consumption must be fully compensated for and tightly controlled at optimal level by the government. In that case a centralized government would have to develop methods to accurately calculate the internal consumption rate of all other goods by any one particular industry. The only non free market way to do this is through the form of Leontief input-output equationing where detraction rate relations for one particular industry to all other goods are calculated. Taken that an economy can often have several hundred thousand distinct industries, businesses, and goods, a great deal of information must be accumulated to form an equation for one single industry. This would then have to be repeated for every other industry in the economy. Your result: a million distinct equations with a million distinct internal consumption relationship figures within each of these equations (in other words a million large polynomial equations each with a million variables to be solved for i.e.. 0.3x+2y+0.6z+.....=X, large X being the optimal level of production for that particular industry X as desired by the centralized government). Therefore at any given time the centralized economy could require 1 million squared pieces of information, or 1,000,000,000,000 distinct relationships between specified goods in an economy.

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    According to Marx, socialism is a temporary or transitional phase from capitalism to communism. In this "phase" the workers take control and ownership of the means of production. Eventually, according to Marx, communism will naturally follow once the "predatory" influences of capitalism have been removed.

    There's the problem. Humans can't seem to get beyond the "predatory" phase, and rather than a natural evolution towards communism, the workers that depose the previous ruling class (capitalists) simply become the new ruling class (usually some form of dictatorship).

    Einstein said this about socialism:

    "But historic tradition is, so to speak, of yesterday; nowhere have we really overcome what Thorstein Veblen called "the predatory phase" of human development. The observable economic facts belong to that phase and even such laws as we can derive from them are not applicable to other phases. Since the real purpose of socialism is precisely to overcome and advance beyond the predatory phase of human development, economic science in its present state can throw little light on the socialist society of the future."

    Or you can sum it up more succinctly as "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

    In our current state of evolution, it is simply exceedingly difficult, if not possible, for those that have power, or those that take power, to give it up.

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    1. It can rarely exist voluntarily, except maybe in small isolated must be enforced by a powerful central government.

    2. It goes against human nature, which is to be competitive.

    3. It allows lazy people to have as much as people that work 10 times as hard, unless again, strict laws and oppressive governments force everyone to do the same amount of work

    4. It is a system that is easily corrupted and often creates a wealthy ruling class that exploits the workers, who are nothing more than serfs

    5. Since it cannot be sustained without an all powerful central government, very high taxes are necessary to fund all the government nannies that have to watch over the system

    6. It tries to force equal results, rather than allowing for equal opportunity in which citizens may choose how much effort they want to put in and how much they want to get back

    7. It has failed most places it has been tried

    8. It promotes collectivism and kills individuality and freedom

    9. It goes against everything America was founded on, and America is the greatest nation on earth and has been the leader of the free world for a long time with our system of capitalism

    10. Most people who relish in the idea of systems like it, will never admit that it isn't because they think it is for the greater good, but rather would like to see those who have more than them punished.

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    The Socialist ideology is a thought , fostered by potential of a delusional, illogical minority and which holds forth ideals that have no foundation incredibly. below socialism, incentives the two play a minimum functionality or are omitted completely. A centrally planned economic device with out marketplace expenses or earnings, the place belongings is owned by potential of the state, is a device with out an efficient incentive mechanism to direct economic interest. by potential of failing to rigidity incentives, socialism is a thought inconsistent with human nature and is for this reason doomed to fail. Socialism is predicated on the thought that incentives don't be counted! for my section Communism is an severe style of Socialism.. @

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    I'm a Conservative who supports Capitalism, but of course I also recognize capitalism is not perfect, but closer to perfect than is Socialism. Anyway, I'll get down to business and see what I can come up with:

    1.) It is a form of thievery because it does take what belongs from one person against that person's will, perhaps, and gives to another person to whom it doesn't belong.

    2.) It's an economic system that has been tried and failed, repeatedly.

    3.) It impedes individual progress

    4.) It's not compatible with the U.S. Constitution because our constitution operates on the premise of individual freedom and liberty, not for the collective good. A careful examination of the Constitution reveals this.

    5.) It's very easy for socialism to morph into communism. Matter of fact, socialism is but right-wing communism.

    6.) Socialism is very expensive and fiscally unattainable for the long haul. Thus, you eventually run out of other peoples' money.

    7.) Because socialism creates an entitlement mentality it erodes the work ethic.

    8.) Socialism still protects the interests of the elites and maintains their standard of living while everyone else is equally poor.

    9.) At least with capitalism we still have a chance to advance to a higher socioeconomic level, but with socialism there's no upward mobility at all for people of the lower caste.

    10.) It's driven by idealism over realism and struggles to reach unattainable goals, which are (supposedly), total equality and a social utopia.

    I could think of more, but you only asked for 10. Hope that helps.

    Source(s): An exhaustive and objective study of both systems in political science school.
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    I don't need to list out 10 things to know that socialism in it's entirety doesn't work, and it's sad that you don't know that. Just look at the former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, Cuba, and North Korea. The USSR and Yugoslavia crashed and slipped into depression. North Korea is living with famine and isolated, and Cuba's leader Raul Castro has announced that he is loosening restrictions on business because he knows that socialism will ruin his economy.

    And on the subject of NAFTA, you should know as well as I do that NAFTA abolished tariffs on foreign businesses and abolished the practice of taxing american companies that outsource their labor, hence, foreign companies dominating our economy, and american companies outsourcing, contributing to unemployment.

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    I am conservative. I don't want socialism. I absolutely LOVE the idea of socialism. But the only way for it to be implemented perfectly is that everyone in the society WANTS to participate - because in order for it to work, EVERYONE in the society needs to participate. If there are some within the society who don't want to join in, unless you force them to, the system will falter. So you must force them. You must force them to do what they may not want to do. You take away their freedom to choose to do whatever they want with their hard earned money. It's the taking away of their freedom to choose what to do (even though you may be forcing them to do something good with that money for the good of everyone) is what I am against. You cannot take away the freedoms of individuals and expect the society to be better for it. The end does not justify the means - that's just the way my values are. If you disagree, then we disagree probably on what is a proper priority of values.

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    1. Eventually, the cost outweigh benefits

    2. It was an idea with a utopia in mind, so there's no actual way to implement it properly. erwin pretty much it the nail on the head as to why.

    3. The idea of people earning equal wages. It lowers the value of workers.

    That's all that I can think of right now.

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    There's just one: individuals have a right to keep whatever things of value they produce themselves or receive in voluntary trade, and the seizure of these things by government is a violation of individual rights. The fact that an elected legislature seizes it, instead of a dictator, doesn't change that fact. I support human rights, therefore I oppose socialism.

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    There are no flaws in socialism IF it is SOCIETY that implements it. When a cental government FORCES it on the people, it is NOT SOCIALism, it is authoritarianism, or totalitarianism... and usually becomes a full on dictatorship.

    The real problem with socialism is that humans are not evolved enough to handle it. Rather than the classless society that Engles and More dreamed of... Humans tend to flock into 2 classes... the ruling class, and the ruled class.

    Until humans evolve to the point where they can instinctively take care of one another (without government proding) socialism simply FAILS!

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