I am buying a house and builder has used the wrong brick. What should I do?

I am about to complete in a few weeks a new build house and after visiting today I noticed that the builder has used the wrong type brick and not only that they have the brick does not look right and the colours are not evenly distributed. The builder explained the brick they supposed to use was discontinued so they choose an alternative without considering us. What is the best route to take this?

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    i would consult my lawyer

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    If the type of brick was specified on paper and it is something that really matters to you, then you should push back. If there is a contract with the builder you can also check the language and see if the builder needs to consult you on any substitutions. If it does then you have a legal right. It just depends on how far you want to push it. Obviously, if you make them change it there will be delays. They should have consulted with you on it, but it also seems like you should have noticed before now that they used the wrong brick. Building a new house, you probably should have had weekly contact with the builder for status updates.

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    Why interior the international did you not do a walk by or perhaps stress via the homestead till now last to envision the artwork? i could say that except you extra it up previous to last and a few affiliation has been made you're out of success. ought to you supply some extra info like why you probably did not see the homestead till now you signed off on it? all and sundry who solutions will probable ask an identical element.

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