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How should I put my hair?

I hate my face soooooo bad, its kind of an oval shape, this is my sisters account and I am nine years old. how should I put my ugly hair? I want my side bangs in my face, I got Selena Gomez's new haircut and I don't know what hairstyle I should get, Her face is better with that hairstyle though, so I don't know what I should do.

P.Si only have a straightener.

and my face is hideous with a ponytail and it is ugly without my bangs in my face.

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    Dont focus on what makes you ugly! Focus on what makes you pretty!! Your eyes! Your teeth! Think of something. Heres the thing, i hated the way i looked every single day from the day i was eight to the time i was twelve. When your face matures, you will think of yourself as beautiful. I swear this faze wont last forever.

    What to do about your hair? It depends on if you have curly hair or wavy or what. Without a picture I cant help much. Get a hairstyle mgazine and pick something really cute and daring and i think you will like it a lot. If you can avoid bangs, do. They can be soooo annoying. get highlights and frame your face. The magaznes will have hairstyles for any face shape.

    Good luck girl.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Just straighten it and wear it down. Don't worry about it too much, you're only 9! I'm sure you don't look hideous and you shouldn't hate yourself. It's what's on the inside that counts, so be thankful with what God gave you :).

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    I think that you should keep the side bangs, and let your hair grow out and DO NOT GET LAYERS. let it all be the same length.

    Source(s): i have an oval face too.
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