Is Stephens Henager Collage a good School?

I am currently speaking with someone and I am not sure how I feel. The tuition is so much for 20 month's is 46K. I will be graduating with an associate degree in Business.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You will graduate with enormous debt and be qualified for an entry-level position at very low pay.

    You would be much better off getting an equivalent education at the local community college.

  • 1 decade ago

    Compare it with other schools. Most public libraries have reference books that give comparative information on colleges around the country, so you can compare programs, prices, graduation rates, and such.

    Check online to see what other sources have to say about it. Are there lots of complaints? Lots of praise? Information on a government website about the college

    I didn't find it listed on the Better Business Bureau's site which seems to indicate no one has listed complaints against it for financial reasons.

    But I would say, listen to your "gut". If you feel uncertain about it, consider going elsewhere. Look at the options, list all the facts, try to figure out why you feel uneasy. Consider dropping by the campus and talking to some random students about the school to see if that changes your opinion. And in the end, don't discount that small voice within you...

    Source(s): former classroom teacher.
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