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Please help me about my circumcision problem!!!?

I'm really annoyed at myself for being circumcised!!! I got cut off a month ago and prior to that I grew up with my foreskin on.I was just due to my father's advice that I'm a Filipino man so I should follow suit so I decided to have it cut. Now, I feel that my penis glans had dried up and I feel shattered. I couldn't wear my shorts without underwear because its so itchy expecially after I take a bath and when its wet and when I feel very very dry when I wear underwear. There are times when I really need to wear underwear expecially times when I sleep which I didn't really bother much before....now my life's in a mess and I'm thinking of ending my life. Is it possible to have my penis severed with my own consent? I'm really in a very messed up state that I stopped doing my job my routine and meeting friends and my temper is really rising these days!!!!!

Is there a foreskin restoration problem? I got a circumcision called "german cut" .If my foreskin won't be restored, I would just probably have to end my life.....


Yup I asked twice out of desperation. I thought double questions would let my letter be read by lots of people.

I'm really desperate right now and I'm thinking for penis amputation with my consent if this won't be fixed or suicide better yet!!!

Update 2:

you think that i'm just creating stories huh!!!! well I hate this thing so I was throwing lots of things at home and called the doctor for a ****ing amputation of my dick with my own personal consent.maybe that would solve my problem

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    A major biomedical institute in the United States has agreed with foregen to perform a trial on human foreskin regeneration, with technology and materials that have already been FDA-approved and over which protective patents exist, and by a committed team of expert practising US surgeons, urologists and cosmetic surgeons. The trial will involve the participation of a trial group of 10-25 volunteer healthy adult participants resident in the United States, and will take place late in 2010.

    So what will be done?

    The procedure of which the trial will primarily consist is the reopening (under anaesthesia in normal surgical conditions) of the circumcision wound, the removal of the scar tissue present at the site and the application to both edges of the circumcision wound of new biomedical products designed to instruct the body, using the DNA ‘blueprint’ map present in every cell and especially at the wound site, to form new tissue identical to that which was once there. Using biodegradable scaffolds, growth can be directed over the glans in exact replica of the foreskin that once existed. And that, in a nutshell, is it.


    It's now possible to replace a defective, damaged, or diseased penis with a penis grown in a laboratory -- in rabbits.

    But the finding promises an amazing new treatment for infants, boys, and men who suffer penis disfigurement. The replacement organ would be grown on a penis-shaped matrix seeded with cells from the patient's own body.


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    I know how you feel. I was cut years ago and I now regret it. I hate my exwife for talking me into it. I loved it for the first year or so but after a while I started to loose sensitivity and now hate it. I made the stupid mistake of having my sons done as well. I feel guilty for it everyday. I just hope you do like I do and spread the word that not everyone likes being circumcised.


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    FAKE. You're another one of those radical anti-circ activists TRYING to get your point across. We all know you're a troll it's obvious, especially that you joined Y!A just yesterday. Nice try but I don't believe you, even for the people that hate it the most circumcision is not that bad. I've been circumcised myself at around 18 and it's the best decision I've ever made.

    Source(s): Anyone believing this is actually mentally challenged.
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    Wow, trolls really need to star coming up with better material. If you are going to make up stuff at least make it believable.

    You can't restore your foreskin for around a year. You have to make sure the scar tissue won't tear.


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    Two words: foreskin restoration. Google it.

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    u asked twice??

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