So Atheists: Why do so many of your type turn to Jesus on your death-bed or mature years? Like you know Darwin?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Atheists like to claim that we're all born as atheists, but they forget to mention that we all die as theists.

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    Actually Ann, Charles Darwin never turned to Christianity on his death bed, that is a untrue accusation, made by Lady Hope. The rumor was put straight by Darwin's children, his daughter was even able to testify that she wasn't even present during his time of death while she (his daughter) was. So how could she have known if he said it or not? hmm

    As for the others, perhaps something just slipped in their mind. Perhaps they never really were atheist but agnostic. I've often listened to the debates of so called "former atheists", they don't strike me as the type of people that even understand the concept of atheism.

  • 1 decade ago

    Darwin didn't, that is a fabrication from the christian nutcases.

    also the vast majority of atheist don't turn to mythology at the moment of death, but a greater number of christians percentage wise become atheist as they become more mature or knowledgeable. I wonde why?

  • 1 decade ago

    How many atheists have you been with in their final moments of life? People who spend their lives with the disbelief in any supernatural being would not recant unless they were weak individuals; it would go against their life's thought process.

    Being in such a weak state of mind (you know, about to die) could cause a person to say anything that makes them feel more comfortable in such a pain-staking moment.

    Your reference to Charles Darwin illogically submitting to delirium is possible, though inaccurate, given his deathly state.

    Source(s): Even a website that shares your beliefs denies this accusation.
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  • Steven
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    1 decade ago

    Oh yea, Darwin's death bed conversion. Yawn. That myth has been refuted time and time again by Darwin's wife. Can't come up with something better can you?

    Even if he did, so what?

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Some folks are terrified of the unknown, or after life.

    And religion $$$$ banks on it too.

    I grew up being a Baptist and all I ever heard was the fire and brimstone act god was going to inflict on my ever sinning soul.

    So I felt ever day that I lived, I was already set up for failure by god.

    How can one love and fear some entity at the same time?

    That's emotional abuse.

    Plus it sounds more like a good Halloween scary story.

    I don't believe in god and I won't be asking for his forgiveness when I die.

    Besides, if god/Jesus loves us, why does he allow people to go to "hell"?

  • Jimbo
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    1 decade ago

    From Darwin's daughter: "I was present at his deathbed. Lady Hope was not present during his last illness, or any illness. I believe he never even saw her, but in any case she had no influence over him in any department of thought or belief. He never recanted any of his scientific views, either then or earlier. We think the story of his conversion was fabricated in the U.S.A. The whole story has no foundation whatever."

  • 1 decade ago

    Darwin didn't recant on his deathbed- it's a Christian myth. And when I nearly died I didn't "turn to Jesus" or pray. I just thought, in the few seconds I had, "Well this sucks".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They don't, and Darwin didn't. Fundies, like Conservatives lie too much.

    Your question is a good example of how religion uses fear to keep and recruit followers.

    Religion is based on fear and emotions, not reason or logic.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Darwin did not recant from his scientific thesis, EVER.

    As far as I'm aware he was loosely Christian (like most English intellectuals of the era) through most of his life, though familiar hardships made him LOSE his faith LATE in life.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly. Darwin did not. Wrong again Ann.

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