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Is the U.S army BCT as easy as videos make it out?

I always watch boot camp and BCT videos from the Marine Corps and the Army. The BCT video for the army makes it look so much easier and they make it look fun. Honestly i dont want that because im considering joining either branch however i want to join the best and one with pride. I really want to join the Marines for the pride and aswell for the better training but i really dont want to experience an amphibious assualt (if they still do them). However i dont think i'll feel satisfied if i join the Army since i hear that its a lot easier and i want a challenge. So anyways how hard exactly is Army BCT and is it as easy as the videos make it out? Also i will give a best answer to someone who tells me if the graduation speech for the army is any good (just wondering cause im going to see one soon) along with answering my question


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    It is never as easy as the videos imply. However after you graduate you will realize that it was not really as hard as you thought while you were going through it.

    One of the things to remember is that the 'hard' things you do during basic change from 'hard' to 'done that' after you graduate. The fact that you know that you have 'done that' means that similar challenges will not longer seem as formidible in the future.

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    I prefer the Army over the Marines. The Marines are more frequently deployed, and is physically tougher yet still get paid the same. It's also less flexible in terms of selecting your desired MOS or Specialty.

    The videos make it look fun but boot camp really isn't. It's more of a mental game and is quite physical at times. I would hate to go back to boot camp myself but after it's complete, the army is like a regular job with benefits and stability.

    Anything reserves nowadays suck since chances you'll be sent off to the sand box is high and you'll probably never be able to finish college at that rate.

    The graduation speech isn't anything spectacular cause I don't even remember my graduation from boot camp. It's the same old army value speech i figure since they emphasis that over and over again.

    Sorry, I made everything sound bad. It's really not. I worked my **** off in Iraq but had a blast! Went to a dozen different Fobs via Helicopter and ate some awesome food. Good times... good times.

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    Basic training in any branch is typically difficult for any new kid. Most kids aren't used to a regimented lifestyle, being told what to do 24/7, being held accountable for their actions, being a team player and the physical exertions required in any branch.

    Remember...basic training/boot camp is only a STARTING point. Training never stops. if you get out after 4 years and basic training is the hardest thing you ever didn't do much in your career.

    In basic you will rarely run more than 4 miles and the longest ruck march you will do is 15 miles. As soon as you get to your regular unit (in the Infantry) you will do 25-30 mile ruck marches every quarter and run 4-9 miles multiple times a week.

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    BCT is NOT fun.

    You get up early, get screamed at, do pt, and carry a weapon with you 24/7 and when one person messes up, EVERYONE DOES!.

    It is a good experience though, and very good training, but no it is not as easy as the videos make it. Its golorifed so people will join! Duh silly.

    as for graduation speeches, I was a hard start so I didn't have a graduation speech.

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    If you find that Army BCT wasn't hard enough for you, put in a packet for airborne school, and then Ranger school. I'm sure somewhere in there you'll find more challenge than you know what to do with

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    BCT is what you make of it, it is not fun. Only you can decide for yourself.

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