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what can i give my rabbit as a snack?

as a snack or just something to change up its diet? i give it grass and rabbit pellets. Sometimes i give it some lettuce or baby carrots or cabbage (whichever one we have in the fridge) anything else i can give it?

ps- one of my rabbits was dead this morning :'( at 4 o'clock this morning it was storming really bad like thunder and lightning really loud. (ps my rabbits are caged outside, in a cage on stilts. im not allowed to have them inside, so please dont yell at me for that. I tried to get them to be inside, ibegged and everything but my dad says no. ) anyways, i think the storm scared my rabbit too much and it died (heart attack maybe?) well, now the other rabbit is acting kind of scared and confused. anything i can do for him/her? i feel bad. should i get another rabbit? how do i introduce them to each other if so? i still need to figure out what gender my rabbit is. i got it when it was little so i still dont know. if i have to get another rabbit ill make sure to get them fixed or to get the same gender. thanks alot guys. ill also look up more on google while im waiting for answers.

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    rabbits ARE social animals, so they do prefer to be in a pair or trio. I would get another one. You can go to the vet to see what gender it is, then you can neuter or fix it if you like. But I would get a female and a female or a female and a male (fixed of course, haha). Prolly shouldn't get a male and male because they can get territorial. As of treats, the ones you're giving it are prolly the best. My rabbit liked clovers and clover flowers, broccolli, cabbage leaves, and carrots :P

    Hope this helps!

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    Yeah, you don't need to get another rabbit, unless the rabbit has had other rabbit companions throughout most of its life, also NEVER EVER EVER feed a rabbit or guinea pig lettuce, cabbage is fine but lettuce to a rabbit is like cannabis to a human makes them dizzy, nauseous and well frankly, "high".

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    Especially if you don't know gender of them, cage rabbits apart. Females will kill over territory. Males will fight, but rare to have them kill one another. As for snacks, and treats, rabbits like any leafy greens. Fresh or well dried is the key here. Also they can handle fresh cauliflower, broccoli or even brussel sprouts. Gender is telltale as in cats or other small animals. Go to sites for Rabbit raisers and Purina. And yes, another rabbit is ok, and outdoors is okay for them too, as long as they have a roof. In really hot weather, sprinkle or spray the roof with water to cool the cages.

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    ignore the save bought rabbit treats. the suitable ones come out of your very own pantry or refrigerator. I supply NO vegetables to rabbits under 4 months outdated to stay away from enteritis - the #a million killer of toddler rabbits. yet...after that I feed my rabbits an apple slice, or any dark eco-friendly lettuce leaf, a danilion leaf, sprig of parsley, cilantro, eco-friendly oat grass grown from the grains that has fallen off our oat grass hay we supply them, carrot suitable, beet suitable, a million inch of banana (could lead on them to real fat), tablespoon of uncooked outdated shaped oatmeal, some Cheerios, tablespoon of black oil sunflower seeds, and so on (not all of sudden, of path). I only supply those issues as a cope with. save the sugary meals like carrots and fruit to a minimum. Measured out intense high quality pellets from the feed save (not puppy save), small hand crammed with hay, and each of the sparkling water they desire makes up their substantial foodstuff plan. They stay in large situation this way. you may supply a rabbit of any age the oatmeal, Cheerios, and black oil sunflower seeds accurately. wish that sparked some suggestions for you.

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    Some good snacks for rabbits are, baby carrots, cabbage, celery, and cucumber.

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    Sweet Clover ;D

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