Are 2007 Chrysler PT Cruisers a bad choice in car?

Answer this putting aside your view on the LOOK of the PT and I want you to focus on the actual mechanics. Please provide examples of problems with the car, etc. etc.

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    Consumer Reports rates this car as below average as far as overall reliability goes

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    As a tech here are the most frequent problems seen on the 2005-2010 Pt Cruisers. Electric fan failure - revised in 2007. Cam sensor failure -revised in 2007. Other than that, most of the later (06 and up) run fine. Some things are driver error (rear handles and release switches torn off) and lack of maintenance. Get a carfax report and check the history of and used car you are considering. Go for a test drive before you buy.

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  • 4 years ago

    no longer likely, it relies upon on what you're searching for in a vehicle. individually, i might opt for to have one. even although i would be classed as an old guy or woman, i'm in my mid 50's, it would nonetheless be relaxing to get one and regulate it to my style. via the way the final PT rolls off the line this summer time. Chrysler hasn't made the legitimate assertion yet yet they at the instant are not the biggest broker from Mopar.

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    im not sure on the 07 i have an 01 and the tcm has went out on it there has been other issues with the car so i wouldnt recommend the pt cruiser

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