what color should i paint the walls in my room?

in my room, i have a black tv stand, black plasma tv, a black metal futon, and black furniture (dresser, night stand) my carpet is a light beige type of color. i dont know what to paint my room, as you can tell, my favorite color is black, my other favorite colors are red and purple, but i still havent decided what color to paint my room, purple wouldnt look right, and black wouldnt look right, and purple... idk.. any advice?


just so everyone knows, i wasnt asking from which of those three colors (black, purple, red)

Update 2:

just so everyone knows (again) my walls are already a dark orange, and my bed covers are red and gold, i dont want that again! lol

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    I would go with just a off white, with just a hint of purple, on three walls, and maybe a shade or two darker on the other wall, use drapes or curtains for brighter colors of white and purple or red

  • liz
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    1 decade ago

    actually, i thought of purple even before you said it's one of your favorite colors! purple walls with black furniture is a good match! you can google it and some pictures will come out and u can decide if u like it or not

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    actuall RED! thats a really great color for balck and light beige like im not even joking i ws think that before you said your fav color was red..do red and then you can throw in some gold to make it jazzed up a bit ya know i really think that would look awesome

    Source(s): moms a home decorator, im in training
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    1 decade ago

    hmm those are all kind of bold colors that would give you a headache.. maybe you could try a gray or blue color

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