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What's wrong with my 06' Suzuki Forenza?

I bought this car used about a year ago. It has about 45,000 miles on it. I'm having several problems with it. First of all when i turn it on it revs up really high and then comes down and idles very roughly. It will also do a sort of jerking motion when I'm just pulling out and after I have been driving. I went to a mechanic and he told me It might have something to do with the Idle air control valve. I didn't have the money to replace it so he took it off and cleaned it as he said that might help. It did for about a week and then it was back to this. Now the new problem is that I will be driving around 45 or so mph and all of a sudden i will lose speed. As I try to accelerate and push the pedal their is no acceleration. I will ease to a stop and pull of the road and the car will be shaking. If I turn it off and back on its fine for a little while then will start again.

Anyone had similar issues or know what the problem is?

word of advice.. don't buy a forenza.. they suck! Parts are falling off the interior and exterior also.

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    I would take it to a dealer. I know you said you did this but in 2006 Suzuki offered a 10 year 100,000 miles fully transferable powertrain warentee. As for the parts falling off, I am not sure? I have an 06 GV and it has been the second most reliable rig I have ever had. My fist most reliable is a 94 Suzuki sidekick.

    Take it to a dealer like I mentioned and make them honor that warentee!!

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