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Which zodiac sign females are more beautiful in your opinion? CANCER or SCORPIO?

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    Both are beautiful in different ways, -with cancer it's usually more of a soft, gorgeous, feminine look, with Scorpio it's a dark, sexy mysterious beauty.

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    Actually the signs are very similar so it's hard to say. It's like having twins with different styles basically. Cancers are typically more natural and feminine while Scorpios tend to have a more sexy style. Nothings set in stone though, there's beautiful people in every sign. I'm a Cancer with a Scorpio rising so I'm not entirely sure where I would stand here xD

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    In my opinion they are both beautiful in their own way

    Cancer have a more softer, sensual and sensitive type of beauty

    Scorpios bring out sexually energies, mysterious and sometimes have intensive eyes that make them beautiful.

    I know these might sound weird but i never thought of Scorpios as beautiful.

    Scorpios are more on the sexy side and Cancerians are beautiful, I've always seen it that way, if that makes sense.

    example: Sela Ward, Liv Tyler, Emmanuelle Vaugier & Phoebe Cates are all Cancers and to me seem more beautiful than sexy, look them up and you'll know what i mean.

    While Aishwarya Rai, Olga Kurylenko and the woman who played in the movie splice (the one being spliced) seem or look more sexy don't you think?

    Well that's my 2 cents anyways.

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    Doesn't matter, true beauty is in your heart.

    Just like I knew this Scorpio guy that I liked, we were friends. He wasn't my type but, I got to know him. (: I met him and I wasn't right away physically attracted to him, what drew me to him was his good energy and the way he looked at life and the way he spoke about things. He drove me crazy, then the more we talked and got to know each other I was really feeling for him and I saw how beautiful he was. Someone doesn't have to be successful in physical appearance, you have to look within. I'm pretty positive every human will experience this with someone in their life, at least once. It will be a mind changing one & if you can't see the true beauty of someone, then you aare effed's ugly working now?

    Oh, btw I'm a cancer but, the scorpio I was talking about I wasn't saying he was bad looking or ugly. haha!

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    Cancer women all the way. Cancer women are beautiful, attractive, feminine, caring, loving, sweet, sexy. Scorpio women are ugly as ****, tomboyish, and manly. They don't wear makeup, high heels, sexy clothes, etc.

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    You can't really compare. Scorpios are sultry beautiful, and Cancers are girl next door beautiful.

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    what if your a scorpio sun with cancer rising :p

    and beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!

  • There's attractive women in all zodiac signs.

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    Between the two, Cancer will prevail. But not because of beauty.

    Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, it has strong affinity to mother nature. And people, it seems, will readily identify themselves with mother nature and the moon goddess that represents her.

    The epitome of a Cancer woman is Princess Diana. She is loved by a lot of people, but take note that her beauty is hardly an issue or the reason. If she happens to be beautiful, that is just an additional quality in her favor.

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    5 years ago

    Cancer has that look, almond eyes, full lips, innocence, sex appeal... Scorpio has that tramp stamp bout them

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