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rock55 asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 1 decade ago

Is it tacky to throw your sister or daughter a baby shower?

My mom told my sister that immediate family (like the mother or sister of the pregnant woman) shouldn't throw a baby shower for her. She said it's bad etiquette because it looks like the family is just out to get gifts. Maybe I'm just ignorant about this shower thing but is this really frowned upon or is this just old fashioned thinking? I've even heard of people throwing showers for themselves and don't recall others getting upset about it. What about the mother-in-law of the pregnant woman throwing one? Any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I threw my sister's baby shower and nobody had a problem with it.

    And who in this day and age doesn't know that that's exactly what a shower is for... To get gifts... Babies ain't cheap!

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    Most showers I've been to have been hosted by the mom or sister or mother-in-law or sister-in-law. I never gave it a second thought. I guess I don't know much about etiquette.

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    I know that it is becoming more common and acceptable for immediate family to host bridal and baby showers. I still find it tacky and I would never do it. I find it hard to believe that any woman getting married or having a baby has no close friends that could host the showers.

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    No no. There is no problem with a family member hosting the shower.

    A sister is a pretty common hostess I believe.

    The only thing that is considered tacky is when people try to organize their own showers.

    (I've seen brides try it and pregnant women - I don't even RSVP to those invites)

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    Your Mother is correct, it is indeed extremely gauche. Those events are gauche in and of themselves, but getting your family to throw it so you can force friends and relatives to purchase your child gifts is worse than begging.

    It is better to wait until the christening/naming ceremony of the child, invite all the people you hold dear and most if not all will bring a gift anyway.

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    its old fashioned thinking.... yes ur right, people do throw baby showers for themselves.... dont worry, if u want to host a baby shower for ur sister or daughter, go ahead :)

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    Your sister is confused, there is nothing wrong with it.

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