I bought a song from i tunes and accidentally deleted it?

I bought the song Shooting The Moon from the New Moon soundtrack from i tunes--I accidentally deleted it--now I can't find a way to just buy that song back and not the whole album-which I already bought-any suggestions?

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    you can go to:

    my documents<my music<itunes

    then find the artist name click on that folder then double click the file it should start playing in your itunes

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    The best answer is to contact iTunes Support. In order to do this go to the iTunes store, and click where your email is. Then type in your iTunes password and click "View Account" Then, in the middle of the page it has your Purchase History, with your most recent purchase date. To the right of that click Purchase History. Then a list of all of your iTunes purchases will pop up. If you have a remembrance to what date you purchased it on, use the "jump to option" located near the middle/bottom.

    Once you find the purchase, click the little button to the left of the purchase name. If you purchased multiple items during that purchase, another screen will pop up with each item individually.

    Find the song you want and click "Report a Problem".

    However, if you just very recently purchased the song, it will be located at the top under Recent Purchases. Just click Report a Problem and do the same steps mentioned above.

    Then you will fill out an email form to an iTunes support client. I have had multiple mistakes (such as purchasing the wrong album, being charged too much, accidentally purchasing an album, etc.). They have been SOOO helpful, and so kind. So if you write to them kindly, I'm sure you'll get a link to redownload the song - especially if this is the first time you're writing to them.

    Once you send the email about your problem, it takes about a day for a person to respond with a solution.

    Source(s): Contacted iTunes support many times
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    you are able to desire to pay closer interest once you're clicking on diverse useful properties. once you Lightning McQueen clicking your mouse this occurs. in case you deleted them there long gone.

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    it should still be in your recycle bin on your computer or trash can if you have a mac. Look for it there and then click restore.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go in ur rescale bin and restore it

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