Why is it that he seems like he hates me so much? (10 Points) ?

Sometimes I could be a klutz and mess up then he'd make such a big deal and just scold me! He's really mysterious and sensitive but he has a strong sense of humor. I usually just avoid him because I don't want to be caught in another incident but we're always pressed to each other. Awhile ago, we actually had the same score in a quiz, stood up, and passed AT the same time. That always happens, it's like we do things at the same time. It's just annoying how my class teases us about each other when I'm trying to forget him. What could be the reason he's so mad at me? I don't make eye contact to him or neither do I even talk to him. He'd talk to me, but it's rarely.. I just want to know what's REALLY going on. We both said we don't like each other.


I'm actually moody and he's actually sensitive. I get hurt easily but I don't show it.

Update 2:

FINE! I actually like him... I'm TRYING to forget him..

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    OK, so I'm 99% sure he's a vampire; he's not actually mad at you, he's just trying not to suck your blood.

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    i understand sweetie. ive been in the same situation.

    the problem here is, your nervous. you feel alot of pressure from your classmates.

    the way it sounds, he feels the same way.

    you guys are deffinetly not good for eachother (no offense).

    it sounds like he didnt exactly treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

    you sound like a really sweet girl.

    dont let what everyones saying get to you.

    your better than that.:D

    if you need to talk any more, feel free to IM me.

    dumbblondmaggs14 (thats AIM). im always available(:

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    HI LOVE GIRL,,honey,could b he really likes u,but is scared to tell you,cause he thinks u might not feel the same way,i would just keep being nice to him,and start talking to him,cause he will never no if u really like him,if u dont talk to him,,,PEACE

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    Hey.. jus chill.. 4gt abt wat d class says.. jus dun pay attention 2 dem.. ppl do wanna hav fun n make thngs d way they want.. y can't u b like dem n see thngs d eay u want! :)

    n dat guy.. i hv a feelin dat he likes u.. dun take dis seriously bt do considr it.. u said dat u rarely talk, den y is dis guy scoldin u wen u mess up?!! next time he scolds u den gather up al ur angr n give him a real angry luk n den walk away fats, in anger!! he may thnk dat u r gettin irritatd nw. by dis at least he wil nt either shout at u or wil try 2 solve d prob b/w u. if he shouts again den simply u shout at him back n say"Y ARE U EVEN BOTHERED IF I MAKE MY LIFE HELL THRU MY MISTAKES?? JUS STAY OUTTA MY MATTERS!!" even if dis doesn't wrk den confrnt ur prob wid him in a polite way bt showing dat even u're angry..

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    He doesn't hate you he hates the teasing at school.Talk to him about it. That is the problem with woman they think stupid thoughts in there head that get us in trouble with men everyday. We always think that they want to be with someone else when really they don't but it chases them away.

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