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I can't decide, which one?

I have frizzy hair, and it's curly but looks like salon curls (really pretty) and sometimes i straighten it and it is even more frizzy. whatever shall i do?

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    Curly hair is always thirsty for moisture. Start by nourishing your hair with a good conditioner. The trick is to find a light, clean conditioner that will feed your thirsty hair without weighing it down. If you have naturally curly hair, the weight of a heavy conditioner can leave you looking wilted, not wonderful. Several popular conditioning products mention "no buildup" or "washes clean" on the label; they're a good place to start. Or, you can choose products designed specifically for curly hair. Most of the better brands leave no heavy residue, and they can help to energize your natural curls as well.

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    i would reccommend using some frizz-ease surums to control your hair from day to day use (like when u dont straighten it)

    and use heat protection products whilst straighten x

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    leave it like the salon curls

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