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Shih-tzu's and flying?

I know all the airline requirements for flying with our dog, including extra fees, where the dog would ride, etc. However, my question is different. We have a little 6.5 pound shih-tzu, I have heard that some short-nosed breeds can die by flying on airlines, are shih-tzu's prone to this, or are they able to make it through a flight? We might try flying on our next trip and would like to know if it would be safe for her, or not. Thank you.


Thanks for the answers so far. We are going to consult a vet, I was just wondering if anyone has flown their shih-tzu or know someone who has and how that experience went and if it was okay.

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    I'm not sure about this one, specifically, although I know some airlines won't fly dogs like the Bulldog? because of potential problems during the flight. I think you should talk to the airline people, and also your vet about this.

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    Those regulations on heat only apply with dogs flying in CARGO.

    Your dog will be IN CABIN so can fly ANYTIME in any weather.

    It's risk of dieing on the flight are the same as yours.

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    I think the best option would be to consult your vet. They might know more about it.

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    Absolutely ZERO other considerations!

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  • Put it in cargo hold :P

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